It’s Time for Americans to Pray on the 50-Yard Line

It’s Time for Americans to Pray on the 50-Yard Line

The recent Supreme Court decision Kennedy v. Bremerton School District ruled in favor of Coach Joe Kennedy’s right to pray in public. It should encourage conservative Americans and also lead us to follow the example of a man who dared to pray on the 50-yard line. Taking a Knee for God Let’s begin with a … Read more

Can the Public Square Be Value-Neutral in Today’s America?

Public discourse is in a sad state these days. People are not even talking about issues or political problems. Long gone are the times of lofty discussion about ordered liberty and inebriating individualism. Today things are getting ugly. The unpleasantness was brought to light by the Sohrab Ahmari-David French brawl over how to present the … Read more

Prayer Shaming: A New Front in the Culture War

Return to Order Prayer Shaming: A New Front in the Culture War 1

A new front has opened in the Culture War. Now they are targeting prayer. The controversy was triggered by the fact that political leaders traditionally sent messages of condolences offering their “thoughts and prayers” to victims and their families. Such innocent expressions of comfort have enraged liberals who claim the idea of prayer especially in … Read more

Rosary Rally Against First Public Satanic Monument in US History

Return to Order Rosary of Reparation for the First Public Satan Monument in America 1

Contact: William Siebenmorgen, 501-358-9159 HANOVER, Penn., July 10, 2017 /Christian Newswire The city of Belle Plaine in Minnesota has authorized the placement of a Satanic “Bowl of Wisdom” provided by the Satanic Temple at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in that same city. For the first time in U.S. history a monument to Satan has been authorized for … Read more