When No One Knows What Freedom Is, All is Lost

In our polarized nation, no other word causes so much confusion as freedom. Everyone claims to fight for freedom. Each side in the political debate claims the other is an enemy of freedom. And yet, it seems we have less and less freedom. We have lost the meaning of the word. When no one knows … Read more

The Rule of YouTube Is Replacing the Rule of Law

A new rule is replacing the rule of law in America today. This new rule utilizes modern technology and social media. However, it channels old habits and sinister forces of mob rule that have always led to disorder. The new rule might be called the rule of YouTube. It consists of the immediate judgment of … Read more

The Night Baseball Died in Revolutionary America

The strangest of baseball seasons became even more bizarre as it took on political overtones by openly supporting Black Lives Matter. In so doing, the baseball establishment broke a revered rule by which sports remained one of the few cultural spaces that was not politicized. Rigid rules have long kept players from using the baseball … Read more

These Rules Made George Washington a Great Man


When we think of America, we are tempted to suppose that our country was a break with the traditions of the past, and that manners and ceremony were cast aside. Yet, courtesy was nothing strange to George Washington, the “Father of His Country.” At age 16, George Washington copied out these 110 rules for morals … Read more

When Political Order Breaks Down, No One Wins

Return to Order When Political Order Breaks Down, No One Wins

The present political situation reminds one of a carnival. There is no other word to describe it. It is a carnival. The world has become a giant stage of political players and the media full of incomprehensible rage and fury. The problem with carnivals is that everyone tends to play along. Each player responds to … Read more