The Sexual Abuse Scandals: Symptom of a Profound Crisis of Faith

The outrage over both the sexual scandals and the complicity of members of the hierarchy is definitely morally justified. This makes a discussion of the causes all the more necessary. A Sin That Cries to Heaven for Vengeance The sin of homosexuality is extremely grave. Consequently, catechisms and other texts used to list it among … Read more

Reflections on the Sexual Abuse Scandal by the Clergy


There is nothing as vile as using an office, position or situation of influence to oppress or abuse a weaker person. This is particularly true in the case of sexual abuse. Still worse are those acts that not only violate the laws of justice and charity but those of nature. This is especially horrible when … Read more

The Sexual Harassment Crisis: Is It a Theological Problem?

The Sexual Harassment Crisis: Is It a Theological Problem?

The rash of sexual harassment scandals is sweeping the nation to the point that it seems almost no male is exempt from its terrible fury. Anyone can be denounced by the media. Liberals point to “toxic masculinity” and social structures that must be overthrown. Feminists blame the remnants of patriarchy that manage to survive in … Read more