The Old Prejudices and the New: The Saga of the SAT

The College Board is scared of the equity movement. Scared people make bad decisions. Creating a so-called adversity score of a college entrance test is one of the worst possible decisions. In its misbegotten attempt to create an equal world, the board only succeeds in making the process of college admission even more impenetrable. The … Read more

The Common Core, (Hopefully) R.I.P.

Anyone involved in education over the last decade has had to adjust to a program known as Common Core. It was a cornerstone in President Barack Obama’s “Every Student Succeeds Act,” passed in 2015. School administrators throughout the United States trumpeted the brilliance of Common Core as the hope of the future. Both major national … Read more

Why the Educational System Is So Broken: An Economist Weighs In

Return to Order Why the Educational System Is So Broken: An Economist Weighs In 2

The Case Against Education – Why the Education System is a Waste of Time and Money by Bryan Caplan – Princeton University Press, 2018   “I love education too much to accept our Orwellian substitute.” Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society Where Weve Been, How We Got … Read more

Standing Against Satan in Portland

Return to Order Standing Against Satan in Portland 1

Around noontime on Wednesday, November 16, the first “After School Satan Club” in the history of America opened at the Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. The school is a public tax funded institution destined to educate children. The same school is one of ten currently being targeted by the Satanic Temple to open Satan … Read more