China’s Baby Bust: A Result of Decades-Old Miscalculations and Bad Rocket Science

China’s Baby Bust: A Result of Decades-Old Miscalculations and Bad Rocket Science

China’s rapid demographic decline is fast becoming a severe population crisis. This unexpected shift can be traced back to misjudgments made over 40 years ago. Deng Xiaoping’s implementation of a controversial population control policy in 1979 was considered one of history’s most significant and disastrous social experiments. In response to China’s growing population, Deng Xiaoping … Read more

Health Experts Promote Covid Madness and Betray Their Mission

In dealing with the COVID crisis, the public health experts have failed the nation, betrayed their mission and spread confusion. So many outrages have been committed in the name of “science” that people are rightfully distrustful. Science should be a voice of certainty, not chaos during the crisis. Such an evaluation may seem harsh, but … Read more

The Shaky Evidence of “Sex Change” Science

The politics of science is evident. For decades the pro-homosexual lobby has labored under a mighty handicap. They claim a false premise is true. Their goal is to prove – or at least make people believe – that there is a biological or genetic cause for homosexuality. To promote that end yet further, they heavily … Read more

No One Can Oblige Us to Commit Suicide


The USNS Comfort was rushed to New York City Harbor to help care for the tens of thousands of coronavirus patients that were expected to fill the city’s hospital beds. The floating military hospital added a full 1,000 beds to the system’s capacity. The ship is now leaving, having been barely used. In New York … Read more

How Science Gets God Wrong

To the scientific community, religion is a mystery that should not exist. The greatest mystery is the God problem. There must be some kind of scientific explanation to account for why people believe in God. Since the Enlightenment, secular scientists have held that God is an imaginary being, created by weak people who need psychological … Read more

Religion Inspires Scientific Progress

Return to Order From the Mailbox: What You Can Do After Reading Return to Order 2

Yet more evidence that religion promoted and inspired scientific progress can be found in the lives of the actual scientists who helped establish modern science. Read the popular article: We Must Resist the Temptation to Secession Economic historian Lynn White Jr. reports that, “Every major scientist from about 1250 to about 1650, four hundred years … Read more