Why the New Joker Film Is No Laughing Matter

The new film, Joker, is much more than a simple film. The intensely violent and bloody blockbuster is a statement about what has gone wrong with our society. It is yet another symptom of a culture that has lost its way. Some films inspire people to do great things. Others contain beauty and moral meaning. … Read more

Dallas: The Target Is Order

Return to Order Dallas: The Target Is Order 5

Dallas was not just another attack by a lone shooter against defenseless civilians. Rather, it was a highly symbolic act against those who defend order. The target was order. The target was the uniforms and badges the officers were wearing. Those who died were merely representatives of order. They were the defenders of the principles … Read more

Mass Shootings: the “New Normal?”

Return to Order The Perils of Bigness 2

America and much of the rest of the world are experiencing fatigue from all the bad news. Islamists shooting innocent civilians. Crazed individuals opening fire at theaters and military bases. A new school shooting every month, if not more often. Things didn’t used to be this way. You would never hear of a young man … Read more