Pope Francis Increases Confusion on the Homosexual Sin

Pope Francis has inaugurated a new kind of magisterium—media interviews. Amid relaxed conversations with journalists, he addresses complex doctrinal topics that require precision and clarity. “Talismanic Words” Journalists pick through his confusing expressions looking for soundbites to turn into headlines for their media outlets and then spread them worldwide. One could call these slogans “talismanic … Read more

Sin: The One Influence Not Allowed to Explain Our Crisis

Sin: The One Influence Not Allowed to Explain Our Crisis

As the midterms fade away, most conservatives are left feeling uneasy about the results. The pundits and media have had their day in explaining why the Republicans did so poorly. Fingers pointed everywhere with all sorts of accusations, credible and farfetched. No one is completely happy with the explanations. However, one factor weighs heavily upon … Read more

Francis’s Responsibility Facing Homosexual Heresy and the Transgender Dictatorship

Francis’s Responsibility Facing Homosexual Heresy and the Transgender Dictatorship

Starting this spring, Villanova University near Philadelphia adopted “inclusive language” that promotes “transgenderism.” It calls itself a Catholic university. Founded and run by the Augustinian order, Fr. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD. is the current president. Its Mission Statement reads: “Villanova University is a Catholic Augustinian community of higher education, committed to excellence and distinction … Read more

For Pope Francis, the Holy Eucharist Is the “Bread of Sinners,” for Saint Thomas Aquinas, It Is “Panis Angelorum”

Corpus Christi is the grand and solemn liturgical feast in praise of the Blessed Sacrament. Inspired by Saint Juliana of Mont Cornillon (1193–1258), it originated in the Middle Ages. Pope Urban IV approved it with the Bull Transiturus of September 8, 1264, and asked Saint Thomas Aquinas to compose its liturgical office. Hence, we owe to Saint … Read more

What Has Happened to Our Sense of Shame?

We used to have a sense of shame that influenced our behavior. Reflecting upon a vile word or deed might cause shame to rise up in us. When admonished for wearing something revealing or improper, it could trigger a movement of shame. Betraying faith, family or principles were once considered shameful acts to be avoided … Read more

What Does It Mean to Be Catholic? The President, the Cardinal, and Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians

In this age of secularism, when political life is separate from religious life, it is commendable that a United States President presents himself as a practicing Catholic and publicly participates in the Church’s sacraments. However, President Biden’s Catholicism is sui generis. He does not follow Catholic doctrine and morals concerning procured abortion and homosexual sin. … Read more

Cardinal Gregory: Does Sin Still Matter?

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington, D.C. went to Rome to receive a cardinal’s hat. His Eminence will henceforth be known as Cardinal Gregory, as he exercises an office that carries with it great responsibility. His elevation to cardinal coincides with the possible elevation of Joseph Biden to the presidency of the United … Read more

Justice Comes to All, Even to Supreme Court Judges

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at the age of 87. Immediate tributes poured in from all over the world, praising this activist judge who contributed to so many important decisions that will affect America negatively for decades to come. Most encomiums praised her tenacity, talents and abilities. They celebrated her academic and legal … Read more