How the New Civil War About Everything Creates Chaos

How the New Civil War About Everything Creates Chaos

As mentioned in a previous article, America is engaged in a new civil war about everything. It is a state of incompatibility where anything can serve as a pretext for strife. In this new civil war, the disintegration of social structures is the key means of bringing about the collapse of the American system. The … Read more

Is America a Brutal and Unjust Caste Society?

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents is a commentary on race in America. It minces no words in accusing the American social structure of being a caste system on par with the Indian castes and even comparable to the totalitarian anti-Jewish racism of Nazi Germany. In this time of racial unrest, the book has become … Read more

This is Why We Can Have No Illusions About Today’s Crisis

The present crisis in America compels me to present a consideration about surviving in our world of chaos. It has three words: “Have no illusions.” Look at the battlefield and have no illusions about the world that surrounds us. That means never adopt an overly optimistic (or pessimistic) vision of what you see. See society … Read more

The Mouse that Roared and Defeated Walmart

Everyone is taught to believe that gigantic retailers are the most efficient distributers of goods to the general public. Small stores may be able to fill tiny niches. They may be quaint and picturesque. However, only the gigantic retailers have the capital and economy of scale to offer everyday lower prices and variety to the … Read more