Becoming a Nation of Renters Will Destroy America

Homeowning used to be the goal of most families in search of stability. It was an essential component of the American Dream. However, the overheated market for houses now puts this dream out of reach for many Americans. As a result, some question the value of homeownership and opt for renting. In his Bloomberg article, … Read more

Help Your Children Graduate? Stay Married

Children do better when their parents stay together. The above statement is obvious to pro-family advocates. While there may be exceptions to the general rule, they automatically accept that children in stable homes have a big advantage over their peers. A Cautionary Tale When I began my teaching career in the mid-eighties, I had the … Read more

The Influence of Monasteries on the Middle Ages’ Economic Boom

Henry Goodell, president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, described how the medieval monks saved agriculture from decaying. Their accomplishments have left a legacy lasting 1500 years. He explains how they did it in the most unlikely and difficult ways. They searched for distant and inaccessible places to live in solitude. They then drained swamps and … Read more