We Mourn the Queen

An era has ended. Queen Elizabeth II is dead, and the world mourns. We can say that the twentieth century officially ended as the last pillar of the postwar order fell. The Queen had her defects. In remembering her, some decry many of her political decisions. Others point to the deplorable things that happened under … Read more

What’s Really Being Impeached: a Christian Vision of America


It is hard to make sense of the political chaos reigning in America today. Most people throw up their hands in despair when asked to explain the impeachment. And rightly so. The proceedings have become a mixture of politics and circus. This bizarre drama cannot help but confound. It lacks a cohesive plot, character development … Read more

Fidel Castro and the Death of a Man-Symbol

Return to Order Fidel Castro and the Death of a Man-Symbol 1

Much has already been said about the death of Fidel Castro, one of the most brutal dictators in modern history. The expected tributes have come flooding in by those of the liberal establishment who have always supported him. The rightful condemnations are also being registered by all those who defend the oppressed Cuban people. However, … Read more