The Green New Deal Goes Sour with Carbon Capture Failure

The Green New Deal Goes Sour with Carbon Capture Failure

Carbon capture is a key component to meet the utopic goals of the Paris climate accords. Everywhere, businesses are positioning to lessen their carbon footprints. They are buying carbon credits to offset their unavoidable emissions. Carbon capture involves processes that industries can filter carbon dioxide from their emissions, especially in energy production. These projects can … Read more

Deutsche Bank Study Suggests a 5% Work-From-Home “Privilege” Tax

In the crazy COVID world of employment, governments forced firms to have employees work from home remotely. Like so many “temporary” measures to reduce exposure, the changes are fast becoming permanent. Employees are staying home, even though the home’s distractions impact work quality. A Deutsche Bank study by Luke Templeman proposes that employees who continue … Read more

Can the State Tax the Church?

The Holy Roman Catholic Church is the natural enemy of the secular left. Battles between these two forces have gone on for centuries—long before the term “secular left” came into common usage. In those struggles, the left has employed every weapon it could find to use against the Church. All too often, they have succeeded … Read more