How Teachers Should Help Teenagers Become Adults

Recently, I went to a local funeral home for a viewing. The deceased was a former student. He was driving while intoxicated, and the resulting high-speed collision was horrible. His passenger died as well. I will refer to the young man as John, even though that is not his real name. John was in his … Read more

Why Teenagers are Pawns in the Eco-Propaganda Machine

In the era of “fake news,” many people are no longer fazed by the blatant attempts of mainstream media to pass off radical left-wing talking points as facts. Indeed, according to a recent poll cited by The Hill, 72% of the American population, believe that these outlets “report news that they know to be fake, … Read more

Can a Day Off Prevent Teenage Suicide?

This is a challenging time to be a student. All generations had it rough. They all face the stress of preparing to leave the nest and being responsible for themselves. Graduates in the thirties had to face the Great Depression. Those in the forties had to contend with World War II. The fifties had the … Read more