Why Non-Fungible Tokens Are the Rage of Irreality

The investing world is exploding with news about the latest trendy asset for everyone’s portfolio. It is called a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The virtual commodity is not only non-fungible but also intangible. It exists only as a unit of data. However, people are paying millions of very real dollars for the surreal NFTs. Skeptics look … Read more

This Is a Balanced Position on Tariffs and Protectionism

The trade war has ignited debate on the merits of tariffs and the need to protect the nation’s manufacturing base. Battle lines are drawn between an exaggerated localism that stresses self-sufficiency and a bloated globalism where products transit the Earth unhindered and markets alone rule. Those who adhere to a concept of self-sufficiency and protectionism … Read more

It Is Dangerous to Trade with Chinese God-Haters

Recent news reports reveal that communist authorities are demolishing Catholic churches and shrines in China. All this is happening despite communist propaganda assuring outsiders that religion can be freely practiced in China. Western observers thought that if they could just wish hard enough and offer concessions, the Chinese leadership would change for the better. Red Chinese … Read more

The Need for International Trade

Return to Order The Vicious Cycle of Mass Markets

By defending healthy localism and its protective consequences, it might seem we are condemning international trade. Quite the contrary. Church doctors are clear in demonstrating that natural and positive law all support the need for trade, whether national or international, since denying necessities to people would violate the Golden Rule of doing unto others what … Read more