What do Drag Queens Have to do With the Super Bowl?

Sometimes, news reports are so shocking that putting thoughts into words becomes difficult. The NBC report that drag queens will appear in an advertisement during the 54th Super Bowl is one of them. Eyes on the Screen The annual football game is one of television’s most-watched programs. According to Statista, 98.2 million U.S. viewers watched … Read more

Here Are the Tragic Student Victims of Transgender Tyranny

In November 2017, N.T. got permission from her kindergarten teacher to use the restroom. While she was there, she was sexually assaulted by another five-year-old boy, known to be “sexually fluid.” N.T., whose real name was withheld, went back to class. She did not report the incident to the teacher but told her mother that … Read more

This Is What Will Come After the Transgender Revolution


The Sexual Revolution must be understood as a process, or else it becomes incomprehensible. Those who promote it will never be satisfied with its present phase. They will always be pushing the envelope to the next new aberration. Few people ask, however, what the next new sexual frontier will be. No one should be shocked … Read more

The Left Howls as Houston Cancels Drag Queen Shows

Victory over Houston’s “Drag Queen Storytime” is at hand. The series has been canceled for the remainder of the year. The program, which subjects young toddlers to story hours by men dressed as women, took place in Houston’s Freed-Montrose Neighborhood Library. It was supposed to move less than one mile away in at Kindred Church, … Read more

Why Transgender Equality is the Death of Women’s Sports

“The revolution eats its own.” Revolutionaries always tend to turn upon and eliminate fellow revolutionaries for the slightest deviation from revolutionary dogma. One example of this fratricide is the turbulent arena of women’s athletics. The issue can be summed up in a simple question, what is a woman? Free Book: Return to Order: From a … Read more

How “Drag Queen” Shows Destroy Children’s Innocence

In and of itself, the idea of bringing together young children in public libraries to listen to stories told by a gifted storyteller is good. It nurtures the sense of wonder, which is so important in childhood. However, numerous libraries around the country are distorting this idea today. They are bringing together children age 3 … Read more

How Compromise Caused Moral Death to the Boy Scouts

Until recently, the Boy Scouts of America was adamantly resistant to change. This was especially true in its response to the homosexual lobby’s demands that they accept its demands that homosexual inclinations be viewed as normal. However, beginning in 2013, the Boy Scouts leadership started acceded to those demands. More recently, they announced that they … Read more

What the Bible says About Being Male and Female

The New York City Council recently passed a bill that allows New Yorkers to designate an “X” for their sex on their birth certificates if they don’t identify as either male or female. Additionally, a parent can do the same thing for their newborn children. The measure was passed by a vote of 41-6. City … Read more

The Civilization of the Lie and Its Rejection of Truth

Return to Order The Civilization of the Lie and Its Rejection of Truth 2

Historical eras, like people, have their own defining traits. There is always a particular virtue or vice, hero or villain, war or revolution that indelibly marks a whole year, decade, or even century, making it easy to summarize these eras with a single phrase. The Ancien Régime , the period of French history before the … Read more

Radical Egalitarianism: How Transgenderism Got Into the Military

Return to Order Radical Egalitarianism: How Transgenderism Got Into the Military 1

It’s official. Transgenders are now free to serve openly in the American military. It would be easy to see this issue in a vacuum. However when we take a closer look, it is merely the most recent step in a process that has transformed our Armed Forces. The military, which is and should be a … Read more