How Handel’s Messiah Helps Us Fight the “Cult of Ugliness”

How Handel’s Messiah Helps Us Fight the “Cult of Ugliness”

Today’s modern culture presents so many things that are as ugly as sin, whether it be architecture, dress, music, culture, morals or other fields. This “cult of ugliness” targets God directly, who is beauty itself.   Everything beautiful in the world reflects an aspect of God, and everything ugly displays an aspect of the devil. … Read more

Why Can’t They Make Beautiful Windmills?

A green new world is coming as activists move to impose their eco-agenda upon society. The present administration is introducing “infrastructure” reform, which will develop green energy sources at warp speed. Windmills and solar panels are all the rage. However, all is not well in the efforts to build a green new world. The race … Read more

Pierre Cardin: The Death of a Man Who Destroyed Fashion

As 2020 finally came to an end, someone very important died. He was not a politician or statesman. He was not part of academia or the business world. However, his corrupting influence impacted generations. Few have not been exposed to his work. The man was the fashion designer, Pierre Cardin. He died on December 29, … Read more