Return to Order Goes to Washington

Return to Order Return to Order Hits the Streets 2

TFP Student Action volunteers began the morning of Monday September 16 with the usual preparations for departure, assuring all materials were in place for a day of promoting Return to Order by John Horvat II at George Washington University in the nation’s capital. However, several factors assured it would be no ordinary day of campaigning … Read more

Unfriending Facebook

Facebook is a poster child of our postmodern economy. It is one of those “fun” companies that breaks all the rules, smashes traditional hierarchies and lets its employees exercise their creativity without all the restrictions of times past. And it seems to work fabulously. With interns reportedly earning as much $74,000 a year and many … Read more

The Practicality of General Ideas

Return to Order How Do We Build an Organic Society? 1

Some people try to find a practical solution to problems on a purely pragmatic basis without reference to moral and intellectual ideas. Such a conception of life is in the final analysis impractical since the person must constantly be searching for solutions for each problem and thus often falls into error. It deprives a person … Read more

Keeping Small Government Small

Return to Order Keeping Small Government Small 3

The battles that conservatives have waged in the Cultural War are grueling. We have to dispute every step of the way especially with a liberal political establishment and a vast socialistic bureaucracy. We also have to regenerate social institutions like family, community and faith against a hostile culture. There are no instant solutions in this … Read more

Return to Order Crosses Critical 5,000 Sales Mark

Since only two percent of all titles reach this critical milestone, York Press is proud to announce that 5,000 copies have been sold of its title Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go by John Horvat II. This … Read more

How to Create Monsters

Return to Order How to Create Monsters

Imagine if police in a major city were to uncover a plot in which a serial killer was found to be planning to use the Internet to unleash a cult of followers who would also engage in serial killings. Imagine further, if police found as evidence an ice pick impaling a woman’s eye. Such a … Read more