Only the Pursuit of Wisdom Can Overcome the Triumph of Nihilism

Only the Pursuit of Wisdom Can Overcome the Triumph of Nihilism

Friedrich Nietzsche foresaw that a time would come when people would be confused about the meaning and purpose of life. In 1887, he wrote that the scientific-materialist worldview of his time would usher in “the advent of nihilism.” He defined this state as a spiritual condition in which “an aim is missing and the question … Read more

As China’s Job Market Crashes, Gen Z Says, “Let It Rot”

As China’s Job Market Crashes, Gen Z Says, “Let It Rot”

Everyone knows that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. Even China’s president Xi Jinping recognizes that the dismal future of his communist regime must rely upon new blood. In a speech in 2019, he affirmed that “China’s hope lies in youth.” He flattered them by calling young people the most energetic force in society and encouraged … Read more

Why True Beauty Attracts And Converts Youth

A recent study by a youth organization linked to England’s Anglican Church states that “church buildings are very influential in the conversion of youth to Christianity.” Analyzing this study, the Daily Telegraph of London quotes that “around 13 percent of teenagers said that they decided to become a Christian after a visit to a church … Read more

Why Young People Are Attracted to the Sublime

Liberal writers have trouble explaining the attraction of young people for religion, especially in its more traditional forms. This attraction is not supposed to happen. It short circuits the logic of their exhausted narratives. Young people should be drawn to revolutionary narratives that preach division and equality. History, liberals say, is a succession of power … Read more

A Leftist Conundrum: Who Could Possibly be Young and Pro-life?

The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) conducts polling about the role of religion in American life. Its stated purpose is to be “a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to conducting independent research at the intersection of religion, culture, and public policy.” Its partnerships with The Atlantic and the Brookings Institution would place its political orientation as … Read more

For American Youth: “Virginity is Awesome”

For American Youth: “Virginity Is Awesome”

The issue of married priests recently came up in a conversation with a friend. He is a retired Marine Corps Colonel and a Catholic. He was surprised to hear that priestly celibacy is not, as is often stated, a medieval invention. I took advantage to point out to him that remaining chaste, as priest are … Read more

This Is Why Social Media Isn’t Social and Can Harm Youth

On December 26, 17-year-old Bryce Gowdy from Deerfield Beach, Florida, posted a tweet: “To be or not to be.” A few days later, he committed suicide. The tell-tale tweet is typical of how social media has dominated the lives of young people. Even their deaths are announced for all who want to see. The platforms are … Read more

Perpetual Adolescence: When Coming of Age Doesn’t Come

Return to Order Perpetual Adolescence: When Coming of Age Doesn’t Come

Parents have always complained about the children. These complaints usually stop when their children grow up and assume responsibilities. Something has changed with this generation. Many youth are neither growing up nor assuming responsibility. America is facing a coming-of-age crisis that leaves young people ill-equipped to survive in a highly unstable world. Free Book: Return to … Read more