Thank you for encouraging Chick-fil-A in its honoring of veterans.

These acts are becoming more and more rare.

And if you have read Return to Order, you know why virtue is decreasing. Society has lost the notions of honor, civility, respect and justice.

This often leads us to take a step back and ask: “When did all of this begin? And what will it turn into?”

I would like to introduce you to a FREE book that inspired my work and caused me to see and understand the process we are fighting: Revolution and Counter-Revolution, by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira.

This timeless work reveals the deep-rooted force that has been moving society to self-destruction and anarchy, called “The Revolution.”

You will see how the Revolution began nearly five centuries ago and has adapted to form problems in our present world.

To download the FREE copy of Revolution and Counter-Revolution, CLICK HERE.

You will find this useful in understanding our battle, and find it an excellent complement to Return to Order.

Thank you again for standing with Christian society. Your work makes a difference.

I remain,


John Horvat II

P.S. You can purchase the soft-cover for $11.00 (+ S&H). If this interests you CLICK HERE.

Also, if you would like to read Revolution and Counter-Revolution in another language, you may see our FREE versions by CLICKING HERE.