Thank you for protesting against Brooklyn Public Library, urging them to pull its “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

As we continue to fight for the moral good of future generations, it is important to have a battle
plan on hand to ensure certain victory.

First, we need to have sound principles that guide our lives.

Second, we need to know how to implement these principles to regenerate society.

How can we accomplish this? To help answer this question and as thanks for your effort in this campaign, I would like to offer you a FREE copy of my work Return to Order. (Shipping and handling is also FREE)

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You will find in this work the root causes of today’s moral and economic crisis: how it began, how it continues and what we can do to stop it.

I hope you will take advantage of this offer. And feel free to pass on the word to your friends.

Thank you again, and keep up to good fight.


John Horvat II

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