Thank you for making our reparation pledge

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for signing our petition.

Many have asked me how we came to the point we are now…with the rise of public Satanism, socialism, and overall moral confusion. I answer as follows: The Revolution.

The work, Revolution and Counter-Revolution, by the late Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira, outlines this “Revolution” as a centuries-old process, which began first by toppling legitimate social authorities, and will end in Satanic tribalism if left to itself.

The rise of Satanism is proof of this prophetic work, written over fifty years ago when such seemed unthinkable.

This work is so important for everyone who wants to understand and combat this process, which is why I am offering it to you FREE OF CHARGE:

To download Revolution and Counter-Revolution, CLICK HERE (PDF)

To access Revolution and Counter-Revolution in another language, CLICK HERE

I hope you find this helpful.

I remain,

John Horvat II,
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