Thank you for opposing immorality in Houston!


Dear Friend,

I would like to thank you very much for voicing your disapproval to the ‘robot brothel’ opening in Houston, Texas.

This is an extremely important issue, and we want to flood Houston with our condemnation of such a perversity.

If you could pass on the word to your family and friends, I would be very grateful. You can copy the pre-made message below, or send them THIS LINK.

***Copy and Paste Message Below***

Hi! I just signed a petition against a ‘robot brothel’ in Houston, Texas, and wanted to invite you to do the same. These immoral facilities promote prostitution and lead to the objectification of women. Worse, they destroy society by contradicting God’s Laws of reproduction. To add your name to the petition, or for more information, CLICK HERE. Thanks!

Thank you again for showing Houston your opposition to this immorality. I am certain our voice will be heard.

I remain,


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John Horvat