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Col. Ripley (right) with biographer Norman J. Fulkerson in 1993

Since I know you have a love for military virtue and honor, I would like to take this opportunity to offer you a FREE digital copy of the work An American Knight: the Life of Colonel John Ripley, USMC, by Norman Fulkerson.

To download your copy of An American Knight, CLICK HERE!

This biography displays the heroism of Marine Colonel John Ripely, who single-handedly blew up Dong Ha Bridge, personally toting 500 lbs of explosives in successive trips across barbed wire and enemy fire while swinging his famished body on the bottom of the bridge from end to end with 40 lbs of explosives a trip.

It also shows the true virtue of a man that was personally faithful to his wife (which caused Hollywood to nix any idea of a movie about him), and faced off with the United States Congress urging them to halt changes that favored homosexuality in the military.

Download An American Knight, and see what true heroism looks like; CLICK HERE

My colleague, Norman Fulkerson, personally knew Colonel Ripely, and so this biography is as rich and accurate as it is engaging.

You can download your FREE copy of An American Knight by going here.

I hope you enjoy this. Thank you again for signing our petition, and standing with the honor of our military.

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