Thank you for signing our petition!

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for signing our petition.

Our confusing days truly need the peace that only comes from Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Law.

Yet our society rushes towards the devil’s empty promises of socialism and anarchy.

The only solution is a national return to God, to our Christian roots.

My book Return to Order outlines this solution.

This work is so important in our confused and polarized world that I am offering you a copy ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE (FREE shipping and handling):

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Return to Order explains how America is at a moral crossroads. Either we are a great and God-centered nation, or we sink irreparably into secularism and socialism.

Return to Order also answers questions and uncertainties, such as the role of government, the use and need of laws, money and cut-throat economics, and the bond between Church and State.

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I hope you find this helpful.

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John Horvat II

Return to Order