Thank you for standing against Satanism in the military

Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for signing our petition encouraging the U.S. Naval Academy to reject the advances of Satanism within its ranks.

This issue is very important for our country, as the military represents integrity, uprightness and honor, ideals opposed to rebellious and selfish Satanism.

If you could please pass on the word to your family and friends, we can gather more names to help the military stand strong.

You can simply copy and paste the message bellow, or send THIS LINK. Thank you again for your help. I know this will aid our country.

***Copy and Paste Message Below***

Hi! I just signed a petition to the U.S. Naval Academy asking them to stand strong against the attempts to allow Satanic services on their premises, and I invite you to sign, too. Satanism represents selfishness and rebellion while the Navy is called to reflect integrity and “service true.” To access the petition, CLICK HERE. Thank you.


John Horvat II,
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