Thank you for standing with Alabama!


Dear Friend,

I would like to thank you for signing the petition encouraging the State of Alabama in its decision to promote the Ten Commandments throughout the state.

The Ten Commandments have always been a factor that has bound Americans. God’s Law has shaped the way the citizens of the United States see the world and treat one another. However, secularism seeks to change that. By using gradualism, they slowly chip away at God’s Law in society How did this come about?

I address this issue in the work, Return to Order: From a Frenetic Economy to Organic Christian Society.

Spanning over twenty years, this work shows how our country began to throw off self-restraint, slowly eroding the cooperative union that used to bind society and the moral principles that guided society. It also outlines how our nation can return to a true, moral order by bringing God back into private and public life.

This is an all-important work. So important, in fact, that I would like to offer it to you ABSOLUTELY FREE!

To order your FREE copy of Return to Order, CLICK HERE (Shipping and handling is also FREE; U.S. only)

If you live outside the United States or would like an electronic copy, we have the book in audio and e-book format, all FREE:

To download the audio-book version of Return to Order, CLICK HERE.


To download the e-book version of Return To Order, CLICK HERE.

I hope you find this helpful.

Thank you again for standing with God’s Commandments.

I remain,


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John Horvat

Return To Order