Thank you for protecting our children!

Dear Friend,

Thank you for standing with God’s Law and helping to maintain the natural barriers of horror we still have for vice.

Something like this is almost unheard-of. But you should know that it is one of the beginning steps to get pedophilia accepted in society as a “normal” lifestyle.

How do I know?

Download a FREE copy of Defending a Higher Law to find out

We have seen it with the homosexual revolution. At first everyone was opposed to it.

But then, by tricks and sophistry, society slowly began to warm up to the idea of homosexuality.

First, they said we should be “understanding,” “compassionate,” and “open-minded.” Then they made the claim that they should not fight against their inclinations since “they couldn’t help it” and are “born that way.”

They comes the decisive blow: the claim that they should be proud about living out their vice openly because “love is love.”

And we were accused of being bigots because we refuse to accept a harmful and disgusting lifestyle.

It is a deadly psychological weapon, and we should know how to avoid it.

The book Defending a Higher Law outlines the tactics used by the homosexual movement to get homosexuality accepted in society, and how these same tactics will be used to get society to accept the basest vices against chastity.

This is such a pressing issue that many do not know about. That’s why I want to offer you a digital copy Defending a Higher Law ABSOLUTELY FREE.

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I hope you find this helpful.

Thank you again for defending God’s Law.

I know your voice will make a difference.

I remain,

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John Horvat