Thank you for standing with our troops!

Dear Friend,

Thank you for showing your patriotism by decrying the NFL’s allowing players to disrespect the National Anthem and war veterans.

This is an important campaign, since it involves some of the most familiar characteristics of our nation: honor and patriotism.

That’s why I would like you to pass on the word to your family and friends who may not know what the NFL and NFLPA are doing. You can simply copy, paste and email the message below or send them THIS LINK.

Thank you again for standing with our country. I know that your efforts will make a difference for our nation.

I remain,

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John Horvat

***Copy and Paste Message Below***

Hi! The National Football League (NFL) is considering whether football players should have a “right” to disrespect the National Anthem by kneeling when it is sung before a game during. If you would like to voice your disapproval, you can sign a petition like I did. You can get information and access the petition by CLICKING HERE. Let’s stand with our national anthem. Thanks!