Thank you for your petition against the Satanic display in Illinois


Dear Friend,

Thank you for opposing the Satanic “Christmas” display at the Illinois Statehouse.

It is extremely important for us to let the State of Illinois know that we will not stand for this insult to the birth of Christ.

I would like to ask you now to pass the word on to your friends and family to give them the opportunity to voice their opposition. Simply copy and paste the message below, or send them THIS LINK.

********Copy & Paste********

Hi! I just signed a petition opposing a Satanic “Christmas” display on public property at the Illinois Statehouse. It celebrates the devil tempting Eve, featuring a woman’s hand holding an apple and titled “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift.” For more information on this and to sign the petition, CLICK HERE. Thank you.

Thanks again!

I remain,


John Horvat II,
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