Thank you so much for signing our petition against Target’s selling of the offensive and blasphemous “Cards Against Humanity” game

Please pass on this petition to your family and friends.

Target might be able to ignore a few isolated complaints. But imagine them getting thousands from concerned Christians like you!

Please consider copying and pasting the message below and sending the message to others. You can also send them THIS LINK.

***Copy and Paste Message Below***

Hi! I just signed a petition urging Target to remove an offensive and blasphemous game, “Cards Against Humanity,” and would like you to do the same. This mix-and-match game contains vulgar and impure references that can be applied to Jesus Christ and the Church. This is a scandalous danger to children and an affront on Christians. CLICK HERE for more information and to sign the petition. Thanks.


Thank you again for voicing your concern. I know your contribution will make a difference.

I remain,


John Horvat