What an Organic Christian Society is NOT

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ISSUE BEING DISCUSSED FOR Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

What do you think of when you hear “organic Christian Society?”


  • RaymondDrake

    “Christian society” brings to my mind a society that is moral and Christian. Such society would be a virtuous one, not in the sense that we never sin for unfortunately we do, but in the sense that (a) we ALWAYS STRIVE to follow the Ten Commandments and the norms of Christian morality, and, (b) we honor God publicly and officially, recognizing His fundamental and irreplaceable role in society, and, by extension, the magisterial and sanctifying role of the Catholic Church instituted by Our Lord Jesus Christ.”Organic” brings to my mind the notion of something living (organs; organisms). Thus, an “organic” society is one that is full of life, individuality, character, personality, and culture. It isn’t “dead,” “bureaucratic,” “socialistic,” and “robotic.”
    An “organic Christian society” combines joins both characteristics into a single whole.