Alone Together?

Author Sherry Turkle claims that the overuse of communication technology isolates individuals making them “alone together.” Do you think this is true? Are there any ways in which modern social media can help relationships?

The Paradox of Choice

Some people celebrate the “unlimited” choices open to them at a Wal-Mart, for example, despite the evident impossibility of exercising even a fraction of these options. The questions this week: Does such “unlimited” choice maximize satisfaction? What is the true criteria for product satisfaction? Do you often find yourselves unsatisfied with today’s “unlimited” choices?” Can … Read more

The Limits of Interdependency in Economy

Today, we have huge interdependent global networks—in communications, Internet, transportation, shipping, finance, government and so many other fields. While these interdependent networks may facilitate the workings of an economy, they also leave us very vulnerable since if one piece of the puzzle breaks down, the whole process is stopped. What is the proper balance in … Read more

The Need for Role Models

Individualism sets each person up as the center of his own little world. He is “the master of his fate and the captain of his soul.” This limited vision of the world excludes the influence of role models. This vision does not like the idea of dependency on others, which it interprets as a weakness. … Read more

The Virtue of Temperance

Temperance is the virtue whereby man governs and moderates his natural appetites and passions in accordance with the norms prescribed by reason and the Faith.  How is the virtue of temperance NOT being practiced in today’s economy and culture?

The Hollywood Vision

Hollywood has long had a special role in encouraging the avoidance of suffering and the denial of tragedy which we believe to be part of the present crisis. The film industry actually takes this vision to an extreme. How has Hollywood done this? What are specific examples that can be cited? Why is the vision … Read more

How can the proper notion of the State be restored?

Some claim that we must tolerate the idea of a State as a necessary evil. Such hostile attitudes come from the fact that many see only today’s bloated and dysfunctional State and consequently have confused notions of what constitutes society, nation, State and government.  We think that the State is the political organization and order … Read more