When the Human Element is Lost in Business…

What_makes_products_local-260x300 When the Human Element is Lost in Business…The recent merger between Safeway and Albertsons is yet one more consolidation of a grocery market with ever fewer players. Observers watching the merger note that the deal represents the classical tension between big and local.

Giant Safeway offers more purchasing power and distribution channels. More community-oriented Albertsons, while no mom-and-pop store, gives regional managers much more voice in product selections attuned to what local customers want.

The marriage may not be without its stormy periods. It is a chronic problem with gigantism. The human element, so essential to commercial relationships, is sacrificed, and in its place are put cold mechanical links that adjust awkwardly to more specific human needs.

  • poptoy1949

    When the Human Element is lost in Business you can consider your business LOST. These days it may take awhile but eventually you will loose your business. I already see Walmart starting to decline and it will take awhile but they will fall. On the other hand business’ that add a personal touch are coming back slowly and people will pay a touch more to feel like a person again. Everybody likes to hear the sound of their name…..especially when said with respect.

  • Paul Tran

    The human element must exists in large corporations and it is a two-fold aspect : (a) customer relation, and (b) how the staff are treated. Treat the customers like human beings and they keep coming back, and reward your staff for their loyalty & hard work. I see a high number of staff turnover in these corporate giants because their staff are often mistreated.