Man Working Less Often Produces More

Many believe that production among wage earners can be increased simply by increasing the number of hours that person works. Such reasoning holds that a person is a machine that can be switched off and on indifferent to their requirements as living beings.

Such assumptions are wrong.

People are not machines. They need rest. Hardworking people who put in 60 hours a week or more generally decline in productivity as the hours increase. It can even reach a point where the extra hours are completely useless. It can be more productive to work less. (see video above)

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  • SovereignAmerican

    In the ’80’s and ’90’s I worked the 60+ hour/wk. But I also had a somewhat unique advantage called compensatory time. For those unfamiliar, it gave me time off for time worked with the OT multipliers in effect, i.e., 10 hrs=15hrs or 20hrs if Sunday and sometimes double if over 8. This allowed me to spend more time w/ family to offset the times I was away.
    We used it to get away fishing and traveling. When a major contract came up which required months of weekends, I refused as I was already at the 60+ hr/wk and it would not allow me to “get away”. I had no phone at our getaway location and one day one of the managers asked me how I could be reached. I replied, “I can’t, no phone.” He asked when I would get one and I told him I can’t get away if you can reach me.
    Much easier to recharge when the switches can’t be thrown!