What Does Love of Country Mean Today?

flag-647617_960_720-300x199 What Does Love of Country Mean Today?

“We are a people who are justifiably proud of our nation’s many achievements.”

We Americans are a people who are justifiably proud of our nation’s many heroes and achievements. Our history is full of great explorers, soldiers, statesmen, clergy, and civic leaders—George Washingtonian characters—who accomplished great deeds. Their legacy is a long, unbroken line of service, sacrifice, and honor that gives substance to our Fourth of July celebrations.

This history threatens to be overshadowed, however, by the terrible cultural and moral decadence that has festered across our land. Great institutions once admired for their role in our country’s development are now tainted with scandal. “Alternative lifestyles” such as cohabitation, homosexuality, and transgenderism are increasingly accepted as part of the new “normal,” and those who disagree with them are ruthlessly persecuted. The perverse antics of Hollywood stars such as Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga have virtually eliminated the very notion of indecency. And this moral degeneracy is not only tolerated by everyday Americans but eagerly and rapidly consumed on social media, particularly by our youth.

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Although this moral revolution, like a cancer, has silently metastasized and spread in our nation’s cultural landscape, it has undeniably come into stark relief during this year’s presidential election. American politics has become like the French Quarter of New Orleans during Mardi Gras: an endless parade of sexual and financial scandals from the candidates of both major parties, each outdoing the last one.

live-concert-388160_960_720-300x200 What Does Love of Country Mean Today?

“The perverse antics of Hollywood stars s have virtually eliminated the very notion of indecency.”

Even worse, these scandals—which thirty years ago would have swiftly ended a candidate’s career—are forgotten almost as quickly as they surface, and are even excused as the necessary price for “change” in America. Most tragically, Americans have grown indifferent to the unprecedented moral abominations committed by some of our most prominent politicians and cynical about the nation’s leadership, or even leadership in general. This moral decline has greatly diminished America’s moral standing in the world and our self-confidence at home.

This decline is exactly what those on the political left seek. Not only do liberals celebrate moral degeneracy such as abortion and homosexuality, but they generally promote anything that diminishes or humiliates the United States in the eyes of the world. Socialists of every stripe see the United States as an imperialistic cancer in the world, relish in her humiliation, and sometimes work hand-in-hand with our enemies to overthrow the world order that she sustains, whether they be Islamist jihadists, Russian nationalists, or Chinese communists. Conservative, God-fearing Americans—both by instinct and by conviction—overwhelmingly reject this socialist-inspired hatred for America. They genuinely love their country and grieve over the crisis in which we find ourselves.

But for conservatives, the unprecedented scale of the moral crisis on full display during this election cycle has led some to entertain ever-so-slight doubts about their love of country and all it represents. Where once they would dismiss liberal propaganda about America’s faults, now they are tempted to believe that, perhaps, America really is just as bad as some people say she is.

In generations past, it was considered part of being an American to love our country and be ready to sacrifice oneself for it. But many patriotic, God-fearing Americans, demoralized by endless scandals and a dismal outlook for our country, are questioning what it means to be patriotic. Some religious Americans even go so far as to affirm that America’s sins far exceed those of other countries and other peoples. America is beyond redemption, they say, and therefore deserves a particularly severe dose of divine wrath. According to them, those foreign leaders who seek to destroy America or at least to knock her down a few notches, such as Vladimir Putin, are doing God’s work.

On the surface this position may seem legitimate, even virtuous. It appears to be based on love of good and hatred of evil. Its proponents appear humble with their endless litany of criticisms of their own country. They know all the gory details about the Obama administration’s recent missteps in the Middle East, the State Department’s pro-homosexual initiatives in Africa, or the latest scandals of our presidential candidates.

No one can deny that America is guilty of many sins. The American government has promoted abortion and homosexuality across the world. Our foreign policy has at times favored socialist or communist governments. No country has remained untouched by our degenerate pop culture in the form of immoral Hollywood movies, television, music, and fashions. As Americans, we must recognize these sins and make every effort to atone for them.

But deep down, this narrative is flawed. It exaggerates America’s real problems while ignoring her good aspects. Yes, the Obama administration does promote abortion and homosexuality across the world, but it is also true that America is the birthplace of the modern pro-life and pro-family movements. The president is doing everything he can to warm up to communist dictators like Raul Castro, yet American public opinion remains radically anti-communist, especially when compared to Europe and Latin America. Hollywood continues to spread its blasphemy and filth across the globe, but only in America does one find organized movements to protest them. Only in America does one find serious movements that present weighty opposition to the political left such as the homeschooling movement, Intelligent Design theory, global warming skepticism, the gun-rights movement, not to mention Americans’ rejection of socialized medicine or UN-style internationalism.

So in the midst of what is, by all appearances, our country’s worst crisis ever, what does love of country mean today? How should a patriotic American confront our national crisis? How can we denounce our national sins while maintaining our national pride? And what can we do to work for her eventual conversion?

In her wisdom born from 2,000 years of experience converting the nations, the Catholic Church provides a truly balanced solution to this problem.

The Church teaches that love of country is a duty that comes from the Fourth Commandment, “Honor thy father and thy mother.” This Commandment, based in natural law, obliges us to respect, honor, obey, and have filial piety towards the parents who gave us life and the family that formed and raised us. It extends not only to our immediate nuclear family, but to our extended family including respect for one’s deceased ancestors.

God did not place any conditions on the Fourth Commandment, and therefore there are no conditions on our filial duties towards our parents. Even if they fall into sin, we are still obliged to love and respect them, without conferring any concessions or approval to the sin itself.

An authentic nation, before all else, is a family of families. It is not an assembly of atomized individuals or a corporate conglomerate but a vibrant patchwork of family trees, blood ties, and personal relationships. Since the nation is an extension of the family, our filial duties therefore extend beyond to the nation as a whole. Just as we must love our parents, we must love the nation of our birth and be willing to fight for it. Nations, like families, have members who perform great acts of virtue that bring honor to the nation as well as members who commit horrible crimes that bring disgrace. Some sins, such as iniquitous laws or acts of government, when not opposed, become national sins. But no matter how many national or individual sins we commit, our duty of patriotism is never suspended.

A good way to look at our sad situation today is through the eyes of the saintly missionaries that the Church sent to the four corners of the earth. Beginning with the Apostles, the Church fulfilled Our Lord Jesus Christ’s command in the Gospel, “Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”[1] Every one of the Apostles died or suffered as martyrs while on mission to convert the Jews and Gentiles across the known world.

Like the Fourth Commandment, Our Lord’s directive does not contain any conditions about the morals of the pagan nations in question. He instructed the Apostles and their successors to work towards the conversion of every nation. Omniscient, He was certainly aware of the perversions widespread among the pagan peoples. He knew the difficulties and resistance that the pagans would show towards the Christian missionaries. Yet He desired that all nations, like all sinners, be baptized and saved.

The great missionaries such as Saint Patrick, Saint Boniface, Saint Augustine of Canterbury, Saint Benedict, Saint Isaac Jogues, Saint Junipero Serra, Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Remigius, and innumerable others encountered pagan nations in varying degrees of savagery. It was difficult, dangerous, brutal, long, and usually deadly work to convert the nations to the True Faith. It would have been very easy for these apostles to stay in Rome and save their souls in peace and relative comfort. Why did they go to the forests of Germany, the deserts of the Middle East, and the jungles of the Americas to convert these savage, often ungrateful peoples?

Westminster_Cathedral_Non_Angli_sed_Angeli_si_Christiani-e1478642479165-300x293 What Does Love of Country Mean Today?

“They are not Angles but Angels if they be Christian”

Because, in addition to their sublime mission of saving souls, these missionaries saw that Divine Providence assigned each pagan nation a particular mission to accomplish, and that by baptizing that nation they were participating in the realization of that sublime mission. Saint Patrick, as the father of Catholic Ireland, undoubtedly foresaw the missionary zeal that the Irish people were to so famously display centuries later. Pope Saint Gregory the Great, upon seeing pagan Angle slaves for sale at a slave market in Rome, famously exclaimed, “They are not Angles but Angels if they be Christian” and commissioned Saint Augustine of Canterbury to convert their nation. Saint Isaac Jogues and the North American martyrs, even as they were suffering unspeakable tortures at the hands of the savage Iroquois, dreamed of a truly Roman Catholic Franco-Indian civilization in the New World.

But perhaps the example of Saint Joan of Arc is the most fitting one for us today. The France into which the Maid of Orleans was born had fallen much since the happy times of King Saint Louis IX. Half of the kingdom, including the capital, had fallen into the hands of a foreign power, England. Much of the nobility and merchant classes had died in battle or colluded with the enemy. King Charles VI, France’s legitimate king, was insane. The Renaissance spirit, having sapped the religious fervor of the French, was gradually overthrowing the traditional social structures of the medieval order. Even worse, Christendom was divided by the Great Western Schism, with its three competing Popes. On the minds of every Frenchmen were thoughts of fear, uncertainty, pessimism, and despondency. In many important ways, the France of Saint Joan of Arc was very much like today’s United States.

joan-of-arc-206939_960_720-300x224 What Does Love of Country Mean Today?

“the example of Saint Joan of Arc is the most fitting one for us today”

And just like today, it was easy for her contemporaries to fall into discouragement and give up the fight against the English. To anyone desirous of rekindling it they could throw up their hands in despair and cynically recite a long litany of sins committed by the king, the bishops, and the people. It seemed that the France of King Clovis, Saint Remigius, Godfrey of Bouillon, and Saint Louis IX, the France of so many saints and blessings, the France of the Crusades, the first-born daughter of the Church, had finally and irrevocably broken its alliance with God.

That spirit of cowardice and defeatism was exactly what Saint Joan of Arc came to dispel. She certainly saw very clearly the sins and apostasy of her era. But unlike most of her countrymen, she saw France through the eyes of Divine Providence. She saw her country as Our Lord Jesus Christ saw Saul on the road to Damascus—a great sinner no doubt—but one with a glorious and sublime mission to perform. She did not see France so much as it was but as it was called to be, a totally Roman, Apostolic, Catholic nation at the service of God and Our Blessed Mother.

In His infinite mercy, God grants a plan and a mission for every person and for every nation. He gave one to the savage Indians of the Americas, the wild barbarians of sixth century Europe, and the decadent French of Saint Joan of Arc’s time. God also has a glorious mission for the United States of America. Although we are far from accomplishing this mission, occasional glimpses of it can be seen shining in the pages of our history. Although imperfect, the Washingtonian men and women who have always existed and still exist in America, the very best the nation has to offer, the long red, white, and blue line of heroes that inspire us, are like sign posts pointing us in the direction of our national calling. Just as the qualities of soul of Saint Paul—his tenacity and radicality—could already be seen before his conversion, we can see traces of a future glorious role for the United States in the footsteps of her heroes.

It is all too easy to lose sight of this vision while fighting in the dirty trenches of the Culture War, or even to flee from the battlefield entirely after certain tactical defeats. But like Saint Joan of Arc saw France, we must see our country as the entirely Christian nation that God desires it to be. Most of all, we must remember that a nation has not truly reached complete moral depravity until it no longer has men faithful to its divine mission and who are willing to fight for it.



Fourth Commandment


[1] Matt. 28:19.

  • Rose de Bakker

    Very good insights and showing what each person needs to do not to get discouraged.
    Things looked black and impossible before, so may we rise up to be the saints God desires us to be and keep working towards greater holiness.

  • Yan

    This is a thoughtful and well-argued piece. However, I am no longer convinced that America’s role in “the world order that she sustains” is a Christian one or a good one. America’s role in relation to other nations is as a conqueror or would-be conqueror, not as a brother among nations, as the Church calls it to be. You don’t have to be a socialist to recognize this truth or to work to change this reality. Nor is it unpatriotic to do so if it is done out of a motive of love.

    Jeremiah was thought to be unpatriotic and was dropped into a well. The murder of Jesus was justified as being necessary in order to preserve national security.

    The greatest of sins are perpetrated in the name of love of nation and love of religion. We should always bear this in mind in order to properly temper and evaluate the passions that arise in those contexts.

    • Robert Pekarik

      Of course you would think that Americas role in “the world order that she sustains” is a Christian or a good one. The so called left has been perpetrating a social experiment on our One Nation Under God for decades. Removing prayer from public education, normalizing killing children in the womb, glorifying criminals and law breakers, “Rules For Radicals” anarchists becoming high ranking American government officials including the President and Secretary of State, no moral guidance from a higher authority (God) to quell the insane policies emanating from government offices, courts, Justices because God has no place in government or the market place, Christians being persecuted, criminally charged and bankrupted because they firmly believe in their faith. America as a conqueror or would be conqueror is nothing more than a far left liberal progressive cry for anarchy and destruction. Look around at the poor nations in our world. Who are the volunteers, missionaries, helpers in relieving the oppression, starvation and disease in these nations? The majority of these efforts are led by America and its citizens. Christian organizations abound in the 3rd world nations doing their best to combat the disinterest and politics of the supposed leaders of these nations. The left looks at America as an evil nation and that is because when you are evil to the bone yourself you see nothing but evil.

      • Amanda Watts


      • Yan

        “America as a conqueror or would be conqueror is nothing more than a far
        left liberal progressive cry for anarchy and destruction.”

        I’m sorry, but if I am understanding you correctly, then this is just historically inaccurate. If neoliberalism has become hawkish, then it became so via appropriation and not by invention. It is no more correct, and possibly a good deal less correct, to blame American efforts to dominate the world upon the Left as upon the Right.

        To make this a political issue is to miss the larger point that pride, self-will, and greed do not care if they make their appearance by means of the Left or the Right.

        America is strong and America has used its strength, and continues to use it, to stifle authentic development throughout the world whenever such development poses any type of obstacle to American dominance. Whether the American administration is of the Left or of the Right, America’s actions remain consistent in the eyes of the world. Only Americans seem to be unable to see this truth.

        • Robert Pekarik

          And only people that hate America for all that it has accomplished, how it takes care and protects its citizens, how it points out corrupt governments across the globe and how these corrupt governments enslave their citizens for their own power and greed, how America shows itself as an example of correct and honest accounting and exposes nations that consider their citizens as collateral damage in order to enrich themselves. Your jealousy is more than evident. Your desire to settle for less is obvious. Your ignorance of the nations around the world who don’t want their citizens to be in charge of their own lives shows that you are to frightened to stand up for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You have absolutely no idea what it means to be an American = One Nation Under God. And that is why you are unable to see the truth.

          • Yan

            You don’t know me yet you attribute motives to me in your ignorance based purely on your evaluation of my point of view. That is not Christian of you.

            My reply is that your assertions about America are mostly poppycock and emanate from a blind jingoist perspective. I doubt you have travelled very much or discussed your opinions about America with people other than Americans.

          • Robert Pekarik

            Your typical anti-American Christian shame game no longer holds water. As a Catholic Christian I will stand up for what America has been founded on = Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Are you telling me that you are part of the Culture of death that Pope Francis and all of the other Popes have exposed and are alright with our government leaders supporting and encouraging radical minorities like Planned Parenthood? You condemn our One Nation Under God and want to blame America for everything that has happened to the world since it founding? You agree with our current President and the liberal progressives who have, for the past 100+ years have made it their goal to remove God from America? Hasn’t your conscience bothered you in the least in the past 8 years concerning the corruption, immorality and perversion that has been strengthened by this corrupt to the core administration and democrat party? You’re right, we must always be Catholics first and call out the immorality, perversion and those that want to destroy our One Nation Under God. America is not my religion, it is the country of my birth, the country that I have served and the country that, for now, allows me to worship in freedom. Wake up and see what the policies of the past 8 years have done to Christians throughout our nation and the results of what they have accomplished = Anger, division, looting, rioting, persecution of people of faith.

          • Yan

            Now you not only attribute motives to me that I do not have, but you also attribute views and opinions to me that I do not have.

            You obviously cannot control your impulse to draw broad generalizations about people, their opinions, and their motives based on little or no evidence. This shows that you are either an evil person or a very ignorant one who is not interested in obtaining facts about other people or their opinions prior to making judgments. Probably the latter.

            It is my experience that most people that do this are not very intelligent and have to make do with the very few truths that their intellect permits them to reach. They then attempt to use these few truths to build an intellectual structure by which they interpret everything else that happens in the world without recourse to new facts, since new facts are confusing and have the potential to upset their preconceived opinions and the paltry structure that they have built with, perhaps, much effort on their part. Along the way, they ignore, obfuscate, or deny the other facts staring them in the face that may stand in the way of their forcefully articulating their ignorant opinions. In a word, they tend to be vocal and uninformed bullies, as you seem to be.

            I am most grateful to discuss at length and with nuance any of the issues you have brought up concerning Obama or anything else. However, intelligent discussions require patience, self-control, charity, and the ability to understand other opinions. These are all qualities that you manifestly lack.

            I would tell you to grow up but you seem to already have reached that stage of life. Now what is left to you and the little intelligence God has given you is to passionately insult others without caring what they really think or believe. Clearly your gifts suited you to a military career in which you took orders and followed them blindly, and believed whatever it is that your handlers told you about “the enemy” at any given moment. But in matters requiring further intellectual patience, perseverance, and charity than which you possess, you should refrain from participating.

            Good luck ignorantly insulting other people.

          • Robert Pekarik

            It really amazes me that people, like you, that are really legends in their own minds consider their self importance superior to everyone. It is we the peoples constant reminder that far left liberal progressives always consider everyone else as deplorable, evil, ignorant and incapable of understanding and accepting your facts. It is my experience that most people that can not accept the reality that is right in front of them attempt to manipulate any real truths into propaganda to further their agendas. Your biased and anarchist view of America falls in line with all the other anarchist inspired groups in America who just don’t seem to appreciate all that this nation provides and are willing to destroy everyones lives in order to prove that only they can control and decide how everyone should think, act and obey. I will pray for you.

          • Yan

            You have no idea who I am, or what I believe in, except that I am a Catholic and that I disagree with your opinion about American foreign policy. From those two facts you deduce that I am a progressive; that I support Obama; that I despise everyone; that I have an “anarchist” view of America; that I oppose religious freedom; that I want to control how people think; and that I am not included among “we the people,” among other completely unwarranted leaps of logic.

            You provide no justification whatsoever for drawing a connection between what I have written, or between the 2 above cognizable facts, and what you have concluded about me and about what I think and believe. That is because you have no justification except for pig-headed prejudice.

            You have not asked me what my opinions or beliefs are about anything you have accused me of believing or of having an opinion about. You merely accuse, insinuate and assume based on no evidence at all.

            Before you pray for me, go to the Lord and repent of the anger and hate in your heart which causes you to accuse and attack me–and doubtless others–without any evidence of wrongdoing.

          • Robert Pekarik

            I have read your opinions on our nation and you have fallen in line with others who blame America for the faults of the world. Tell me how I can come to a differing result? Your statement that I am angry and hate in my heart because you insult and degrade our nation is just more proof that you are in league with the liberal progressives that apologize for our nation for fighting for our long held beliefs in One Nation Under God. The evidence that you have provided is clear. You do not respect America. Pig headed prejudice is just more name calling and the continuation of the blame game that liberal progressives have constantly used as a smoke screen to hide their anti-American agenda to fundamentally transform America into an immoral and perverted cesspool.

          • Yan

            I have not blamed America for the faults of the world; I have blamed America for its own faults. If that to your mind is to “insult and degrade our nation” then you apparently have little ability to distinguish between an admonition and an accusation. Such individuals or nations have small capacity for self-improvement.

            If you cared to have a discussion you could have long ago asked me what my opinions were about any of the matters of which you accuse me of having an opinion. Instead you make baseless accusations. You thereby show yourself to be nothing more than a backbiting flibbertigibbet.

            Why as a Catholic would I be interested to “fundamentally transform America into an immoral and perverted cesspool”? On what basis can you possibly say that I want to do this? Do you think that if I oppose a particular war or if I oppose a tendency to make war that this automatically makes me in favor of transforming America into Sodom?

            Such an inference, which you seem to have made several times now, can only be the result of pig-headed prejudice.

          • Robert Pekarik

            Finding fault with America has been the new normal for the past 8 years. All you have done is piled on with your “conqueror” mentality. What America has done is to expose the nations that are dead set against our Constitution and has encouraged enslaved people throughout the world to strive to become One Nation Under God.

          • Yan

            What puerile and ridiculous inanities. With every word you draw further attention to the shallowness of your thinking. Bald assertions and pompous, conclusory diktats do not advance the discussion.

            Not that you are interested in advancing any discussion in good faith anyway. You’ve done nothing to attempt to advance the discussion since you first chimed in.

          • Robert Pekarik

            What you call a discussion I call an sham. We were, are and ever will be One Nation Under God. A nation that stands in the way of tyranny and oppression. A nation that tolerates fools.

          • Yan

            He that says to his brother “thou fool” is in danger of the fire of hell.

            I agree, there was no discussion or attempted discussion whatsoever on your part. So, I will begin one.

            “A nation that stands in the way of tyranny and oppression.”

            Ask Saudi Arabians, Egyptians, Argentinians, Iranians, American Indians, Hawaiians, African-Americans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, Hondurans, Nicaraguans, Serbians, Yemenis, and Palestinians among many others if the USA stands in the way of tyranny and oppression.

            The USA is for itself. Its pretensions to “free” others are almost entirely self-serving pretexts to act in its own economic and military interests. As a self-professed military man, you ought to be keenly aware of these realities.

            None of the foregoing has anything to do with being “one nation under God.” None of it is justified by being “one nation under God.” There is no connection between these two things except in the stunted and broken thinking process emanating from your head.

          • Robert Pekarik

            Every nation that you have mentioned is controlled and manipulated by self serving tyrants. The only interests that the United States of America has is to protect its citizens and help other nations that are under the control of tyrants. Every nation that you have listed is under the rule of slavery by immoral dictators and the citizens in these countries are to frightened to speak out for fear of imprisonment, torture and murder. As for American Indians, Hawaiians and African-Americans the democrat party has attempted to enslave all of them, including all other races and creeds with their plantation politics. America awoke this past November 8th and shouted out to the world that we will not be destroyed by liberal progressive anti-American secularists. You are jealous of our nation because the majority of us are willing to sacrifice for it and believe in it. The few evil people that try and manipulate and use our Constitution and Bill of Rights are exposed. We the people, endowed with inalienable rights from our Creator, know evil when we see it.
            As for your “thou fool” Biblical quote = if the shoe fits, wear it.

          • Yan

            Your ignorance may be insurmountable.

            The US supported and/or supports dictatorships and police states and death squads in El Salvador, Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, and Egypt. The US overthrew duly elected governments in Guatemala and Iran in order to impose its will on its puppets. The US assassinated the leader of South Vietnam. These people experienced the despotism you decry BECAUSE the US insisted on it.

            Is all of this in accord with the US being “one nation, under God”?

            In the past, the US had at least a plausible excuse for some of the things it did: the threat of world communism. Since godless communism was a force for evil in the world, it made sense at least in the past to support certain governments which were bad, but were at least not communist.

            Communism is no longer a threat to the international order. What is the excuse now for the US to overthrow the government of Ukraine and cause the new government to attack the citizens of that country in the east that oppose the new government, killing so far thousands of people? What is the excuse for funding and directing the Saudi war against Yemen? The excuse for overthrowing Ghaddafi and giving Libya to ISIS? The excuse for attempting to overthrow Assad and killing and ethnically cleansing the Christians from that country and from Iraq? How goes the fight in Somalia and Sudan?

            Is all of this in accord with the US being “one nation, under God”?

            Of course, before there was communism, the US had already decided to become an imperialist power. There was as yet no such thing as communism when the US decided to exterminate most Native Americans, attack the Phillipines, go to war with Mexico, attack Canada, take over Cuba, and so on.

            Is all of this in accord with the US being “one nation, under God”?

            What does it mean to be “one nation, under God”?

            Is attacking other countries in order to control world commerce and make ourselves richer and more powerful how we show the world we are “one nation, under God”?

            Is overthrowing governments which stand in the way of our desires how we do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God?

          • Robert Pekarik

            Grow up! Your anti-American roots are showing. It was only going to be a matter of time that I would flush you out of your lair. Always and everywhere will anarchists reveal themselves – you people can’t help yourselves.

          • Yan

            LOL ok gotcha.

          • Ryan G

            Yan, you make many great points. Well said! I wish I were as articulate as you are in these matters. I too have experienced the frustration of being called un-American for criticizing our foreign policy which many times doesn’t correspond well with Catholic teachings. I’m very pleased to see someone like you who speaks so eloquently and doesn’t back down.

          • Yan

            Kind of you Ryan, thanks. Jesus is the Prince of Peace! I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  • Amanda Watts

    Just what we need to hear. Thank you. Like so many of Our Blessed Mothers children, my family knows that it is She, The Woman. who has received this Grace for us, Her children, from Our Lord. We have been given more time and it is good to read, in the midst of this lashing out of evil in the form of violent, ugly riots across our land, just how we should view this from our position in the “dirty trenches of this culture war” – well put, Mr. Bascom!
    My family prayed at least 30 rosaries on election day continuing into the early hours of the following day and the last rosaries were in thanksgiving to the Blessed Mother for the victory. Our prayers have not stopped as we pray for our nation and for our new President, Donald Trump. Yet, it can be discouraging as we read of the hatred and lawlessness that is playing out across America and as we see the relentlessness of the enemy of souls against the results of this election and all that it means. It is good to step back and to know that the fight is as old as time and we must not be discouraged – but encouraged – as we pray and fight the good fight.

  • mikemonohon

    When bad laws remain on the books and wield their negative influence what can one expect? Alcohol, drugs, abortion, porno, egomaniacal disrespect and arrogance throughout the sports world and ‘just the easy stuff’ under the reporting by selfish and ‘unconcerned about life’ news media accentuated by greed, lust and power worship yield just the right blend of darkness that appeals to the souls who willingly consent to evil. It takes hard work, strong families, and great love of God to encourage the souls caught completely off-guard by WW I & II, JFK getting killed on camera — sort of like fumbling the football just before the winning TD or accidentally touching the golf ball on an easy tap in for the win on the 72nd hole have let these poor lost coach potato souls get too discouraged probably because they do not hear, see or listen to the encouragement from trusted sources – Christ’s church to name best one. A strong Christian Judeo based nation cannot let lies and the twisting of definitions dominate our lives rather we must invoke the help of the supernatural power from the Holy Trinity — always best to go through our Blessed Mother of course. We ought increase our devotion to Her through our saints and then let God be God. We agree to not support Black Thursday @ 10:00 PM open early & Black Friday; seeking easy pleasure doesn’t work.

  • barbaro70


    This is a great, great discussion of love of our country, still the greatest nation in the history of man, in spite of Obama’s guiding philosophy, moral relativism. We are done with this incompetent, filthy man who has been attempting to fill the position of president. God is good.

  • Corinne Dashjr