Why Nothing is Sacred Anymore

Why_Nothing_Is_Sacred_Anymore_300 Why Nothing is Sacred Anymore

Why Nothing is Sacred Anymore

Recently, the word sacred was in the news, when White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly lamented the fact that nothing is sacred anymore, especially in light of the brouhaha over the president’s phone call to a soldier’s widow.

“When I was a kid growing up,” he said, “a lot of things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred, looked upon with great honor. That’s obviously not the case anymore, as we see from recent cases. Life, the dignity of life, was sacred. That’s gone. Religion, that seems to be gone as well.”

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The cynical reaction of the media to the general’s remarks about the sacredness of a soldier’s death only confirmed the truth of his observation. Indeed, nothing is sacred anymore in today’s political climate. There is nothing that cannot be turned into talking points for the liberal agenda.

Reasons Why Nothing is Sacred

There are many reasons why nothing is sacred anymore. One of them is because the sacred discriminates. It excludes.

The sacred has always had a note of exclusivity. In its narrow sense, the sacred is anything dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of God. In a broader sense, it can apply to anything that is entitled to reverence and respect. The sacred evokes a sense of mystery and awe since it points to something above and beyond the person seeking to understand it.

Implicit in the rejection of the sacred is the idea that there should be no restraints for anything. It is unjust that there be anything set beyond the reach of others. It is wrong that anyone is recognized as being more than someone else.

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Thus, in a society that has lost a notion of the sacred, no one stands out, no prizes are awarded, and disordered passions must never be held in check. Everyone must be equal, whatever the cost. There can be no sanctuary for any privileges. Nothing can be withheld from others. Rather, everything must be available to all.

Depriving Things of Their Mystery

Nothing is sacred anymore because things have been deprived of their mystery. To those who hate the sacred, the mere existence of mystery affirms an unknowable and superior truth that is not recognized by modern science.

That is why modernity has always had a problem with the sacred. The Enlightenment introduced the idea that the sacred, with its aura of mystery, should be replaced by human reason and empirical observation.

In the nineteenth century, Karl Marx observed the effects of this Enlightenment mentality when he wrote about capitalism’s tendency to destroy the sacred. “All that is sacred must be profaned,” he said. In a world where nothing is sacred, he believed life would and should be entirely de-sanctified. True to his militant atheism, Marx did not see this as a negative development but rather as something that would facilitate the condition of equality.

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The suppression of the sacred comes from a denial of spiritual values and ideas that elevate humanity and teach that there are things that are more precious than life itself. That fact alone makes those things sacred.

The Desire to Be Ordinary

There is nothing sacred anymore because sacred things impose respect. People are expected to see the sacred as special. People should admire, honor, and serve all that is sacred.

It is a sacrifice that most today are unwilling to make. Instead, they want to be ordinary, and they want to surround themselves with the ordinary. To their minds, the comforts of being ordinary far outweigh the nobility of heroism. A sacred duty triggers no sympathetic resonance in the hearts of those that have opted for the unbridled pursuit of material happiness. An I-don’t-want-to-be-a-hero mentality prevails.

Ironically, those who reject the sacred have no problem elevating their ordinariness to the status of something sacred. They are all too willing to turn profane pleasures into sacred entitlements. Thus, sports, entertainment, choices and consumption are considered sacred. Tragically, even some sins are made “sacred” and untouchable.

However, as society decays, even these ordinary things turned sacred begin to come under attack. Even the mild exclusiveness that these ordinary pleasures entail proves intolerable to those who hate the sacred.

Denial of the Kingship of Christ

Of course, the most radical reason why nothing is sacred is because the present culture does not recognize that there should be things dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of God.

This implicit denial of the kingship of Christ over humanity logically leads to the suppression of the sacred in daily life. As Pius XI states in his encyclical Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio (1922), things will be sacred again when Jesus Christ “reassumes His rightful place as King of all men, of all states, and of all nations.”

Until then, Gen. Kelly’s lament will express the sentiments of those who grieve for the nation. Where God is not loved and adored, there can be no surprise that nothing else is sacred. When God and His Blessed Mother are blasphemed, as they are today, it should not be shocking that people mistreat others. Where God and his law are mocked and despised, it is only natural that morality too will be expelled from the public sphere and that society fall to unimaginable depths.

Nothing will be safe. Nothing will be stable. Nothing will be sacred anymore.

As seen on Crisis Magazine.

  • maryjo606

    Look to the president for some of the biggest violations…women sacred? How quickly you seem to have forgotten his disgusting bragging about the kind of license he can take with women as a “celebrity.” This loss of sacredness cannot be laid at the feet of liberal politics…it is endemic in all of our politics, and is shameful. In my view, Jesus was a liberal, big-hearted human being…but he would never stoop to some of the tactics I see taking place in once-respected institutions of government.

    • marlene

      Look to hillary, SHE was the alternative. Get a grip!

    • NeoCrusader09434

      “In my view Jesus was a liberal, big-hearted human being”. Your view is wrong.
      First, Jesus is God, not a human being. He is more than human. And what do you mean by “liberal”? That is a very over-used term: What do you mean when you say Jesus is “liberal”? Finally, “big-hearted”? He had an enlarged myocardium? Again, what do you mean? Can you provide any evidence to support your claims? Like many women who post here you expect your opinion to be sacrosanct just because you say it.

      • maryjo606

        Dear NeoCrusader…in my view, many of us forget that Jesus was a true human being, as well as the incarnated Son of God. He dealt with that reality all of his life, and had to come to grips with his humanity as well as his divinity. If he was not a true human like us, how could we identify with him as Brother and Friend as we do? It is BECAUSE he was a human being that we CAN identify with him…and he showed us the way to be the ideal human being dedicated to doing the will of the Father. He said several times that “he who has seen me has seen the Father.” Jesus always showed himself to be kind (NOTE: “kind” means big-hearted), tolerant, and forgiving and so, that gives us wonderful clues as to the true nature of God. In our current political climate, when many profess to be Christians, I find way too much un-Jesuslike behavior insofar as tolerance or kindness. If we were to return to actually following Jesus and his example, we would have a much better society. BTW, I don’t expect my views to be any more sacrosanct than yours…they are simply my views. Why is that a problem? Am I not allowed to have opinions?

        • NeoCrusader09434

          maryjo606 – Thanks for the reply. I agree with a lot of what you said. However, opinions are generally related to subjective issues, for instance, “In my opinion pizza is better than a taco.” You can’t really have an opinion on an objective fact, “In my opinion, two plus two is five.” – it either is or it isn’t. That’s why I was asking for some proof for your assertions. For instance, you say Jesus always showed himself to be kind. I disagree. I doubt the moneychangers in the temple thought he was kind when he was tipping over their tables, ruining their livelihood, using a whip in them

          • maryjo606

            Dear NeoCrusader…thanks. I understand what you are saying, and yes, I agree that opinions are just opinions. But as far as Jesus’ cleansing of the temple… in my view, while it was not at all kind to the moneychangers and profaners of the temple, it was kind to the average temple-goer of the day whose place of worship had become more like a place of business for the rich. Sometimes people deserve kindness and sometimes they don’t. Jesus knew the difference, and I don’t think he was just a passive do-gooder. The Pharisees and other rulers were given ample chance to accept Jesus and his spiritual kingdom, but they flatly rejected him; by the time he came down so hard on them, they had already decided that he had to go and were willing to go to any lengths – even murder – to get rid of him. When he spoke truth to them about their rejection of him, it wasn’t unkind. It was the truth. On the whole, Jesus’ kindness far outweighed his few times of indignant anger. I could reference his kindness to those numerous afflicted who he healed, the mothers of the children he blessed, the thief on the cross, and to Peter, who denied him three times…and of course his kindly and forgiving attitude to even those who so brutally killed him: “Father forgive them.” That is a kindness that I doubt we see very often in the dog-eat-dog world we live in. Nevertheless, when people view Jesus and his positive attitudes, even the most hard-boiled probably agree that his attitude is the right one. Not always the easy one, but the right one. I agree completely that Jesus dual nature is something we will probably never understand, but we should never lose sight of the fact that he was a human being like us. If anything, this should make us love and respect him more. Most children idolize I(some even fear) their father – especially early in life, when the father is the giver of all things to the child. And as the child grows and starts to understand what the father has done for them, most do mature their attitude into honor and respect. And they do try to be like their father, if he has been a good father. I wish that our leaders, who claim Jesus as their Lord, would do the same…just bringing our focus back to the topic of this thread of the lack of sacredness in our world today. Thanks for the civil discussion NeoCrusader. May God bless you, too.

          • NeoCrusader09434

            Amen. Jesus was kind to those who needed kindness and harsh to those who needed harshness. He always acted perfectly according to the situation, because He was perfection incarnate. And I hear what you are saying – we all need to strive to more closely follow the example He left for us. Funny – I didn’t initially think we agreed but it turns out we do. Sometimes, at least for me, it can be difficult to figure out what someone is saying in these short combox posts. Have a blessed day and thanks again for discussion.

    • Thomas L. Stafford

      He said he could get away with it. Not, that he would do it. The most glaring case in point is Mr. Clinton with a certain intern (a subordinate employee). He got away with it. Harvey Weinstein got away with outrageous behavior for decades. I imagine you have said some things with the girls that are somewhat scandalous.

      • maryjo606

        Dear Thomas…I am sure that all of us have done and said things we regret and I am no exception. But I am not the president, and I am personally ashamed when I do something wrong towards another. My point was that these days, we find so much of this questionable behavior in our elected officials, and it has become our new normal to hear the lurid details of sex-scandal in many areas of public life. And it is a reason that it seems that nothing is sacred. Some tend to excuse this current president, while Clinton was impeached as a result of his lies about his bad behavior. He didn’t really get away with it at all, but was publicly shamed. And yet, there’s a “boys will be boys” attitude or a dismissal of the president’s statements as just locker room talk. Just the fact that he brags he could get away with it – and probably would get away with it – is a terrible commentary on his character, and the character of those who think he can do no wrong! There was a time when the office of the president was respected. There was a time when the president was a role model to boys and girls. Now, they may wonder what really IS good and acceptable behavior, when they see their leaders acting so poorly.
        Again, it’s just my response to the article about why nothing is sacred anymore. There has been a steady decline in morality in our country, in my opinion, and it is reflected in our leadership for some time now. I wish I knew the answer of how to fix it…but maybe we can all begin with ourselves and then look for leaders who reflect our values better.


      oh, do you mean Bill Clinton who scandalized the White House with all of his shenanigans? Or Obama who forced homosexual ‘marriage’ and transgenderism? How Hollywood’s ‘elite’ hid Weinstein’s sexual abuse? How movies and other forms of ‘entertainment’ objectify women? (ie: Shades of Gray as well as just about any other movie made today)? Businesses like Target letting men go into women’s bathrooms and putting women and little girls in danger? Really? You want to make a statement about something this president said 12 years ago? Please be honest with yourself and see where the real problems lie.

  • marlene

    The left that is destroying all that is sacred want to make us ordinary, while they enjoy being elite. They are hypocrites in their foul ideology.

    • fidelity1

      “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but they are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”
      -Wm. F. Buckley Jr.-

  • Chris Tuttle

    maryjo606, It is too convenient to expect perfection and then drag up something President Trump did nine years ago as an argument against him. Do not forget that he said we are going to say “Merry Christmas” this year and, after a 100-year hiatus, we have Bible study in the White House again. If we keep in mind that President Trump is an imperfect human being like the rest of us, we can see that he is imperfectly moving us in the right direction.

  • maryjo606

    My point was that one cannot blame just one segment of our society for the loss of sacredness. Morality has been on the decline for decades, no matter who has been in office. We can’t look to our leaders; for the most part, they are part of the problem.

  • Vapor Trails

    There is one point in this article, which is for the most part well written, with which I must disagree. It is stated that “…no prizes are awarded…”, when in truth, even “ordinary” gets a “prize”, if you will. My point is that no matter your accomplishments, you do not get the “prize”, as it were, or the recognition that is deserved, instead, everyone who participates gets a “prize”, or some recognition, even if the performance is completely ordinary, or not worthy of recognition. That mentality leads to what we see today, that is, everyone must be equal, no matter that one or two show above-average talent & actually deserve recognition. In conclusion, the statement referenced contradicts the conclusion that “…everything must be available to all…”, in other words, a “prize” must be awarded to all who participate, no matter where the actual performance falls. I hope that this comment makes sense in light of the point of the article, or at least in terms of the conclusion of that particular portion of same.

    • Chris Tuttle

      Vapor, your point is right on. My son celebrated something very average as if it were the greatest thing since sliced bread, so I celebrated everything for the rest of the day – I celebrated him for eating dinner without choking. My 13-year old took it all in stride and we had a good discussion about your point. My hope is that it stays with him. I’m not sure how we reverse this trend in our society, but I hope this little step helps.

      • Vapor Trails

        Hi Chris, your approach is something I never thought of. Thanks for the idea! I hope, as you do, that your son got the point, & that he remembers it. I will try something similar should the opportunity arise.

  • Phil Alcoceli

    There’s nothing sacred today because the False Gospel of Satan of False Compassion is being imposed and it denies the reality of sin and redemption by Christ. While it ridicules the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Virgin Birth, etc. it establishes the immaculate conception of the individual (as pure, sinlesss, and perfectly motivated), the immaculate conception of the masses and the state (all knowing, to be obeyed), the virgin birth of sexual sins and degeneration (as the highest incarnation of freedom), and redemption by science and technology (all powerful and infallible), with heaven as a communist equality utopia (total anihilation of individuality).

    See the pattern? All of Christianity is ridiculed, despised, attacked and censored to impose Satan’s cheap, dehumanizing mocking version of the history of salvation and God’s works. The Sacred of God is untouched by this repulsive mess as long as we refuse, resist and sacrifice even if to death. The sacred touches Earth through Jesus Life and Sacrifice and through our testimony. The Sacred of God is Invincible. Time to stop believing the Satanic Wizard of Oz.

    • NeoCrusader09434

      Agreed. The secular humanists/atheists/neopagans who run Western societies are creating their own “religion” where “mankind” is sacred and they most alpha of men are the “gods”.