Return to Order at the Gun Show

Written by Francis Slobodnik
Gun_Show_1About the last thing most people would expect among the thousand vender tables at the Kansas City Gun Show was a table with the book, Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here and Where We Need to Go. However, the table soon became a point of attraction as people gathered around to hear about the new book or read the large banner that announced the book and its endorsements.

The June 15-16 event was well attended by a typical farming, working class and middle class Americans. Many were worried about the direction the nation is taking and looked over the book with great intensity and complimentary of the book’s ideas. The show was just one of the many avenues by which Return to Order is spreading throughout the country as more and more people join the debate over the nation’s future.