Fourteen More Ways to Promote Return to Order

Return_TO_at_CPAC_2014When people ask me how they might help promote Return to Order, I tell them that it helps to look at the opportunities surrounding them. You, too, will be surprised by the simple things you can do to get the word out about the book and its ideas.

Once again, I am listing some excellent suggestions for friends of authors by book promotion expert John Kremer. Below is an edited version of fourteen more things you can do.

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1. Do a video review of the book and post it on YouTube and other video-sharing websites. Hold the book up and showcase it as you review it. It doesn’t have to be long. One or two minutes is long enough.

2. Help your friend make some videos for the book. Every author needs a camera person, a scriptwriter, a producer, someone who can create a book trailer. Again, share on YouTube and other video-sharing websites. Share it on your social networks and your blog.

3. Recommend your friend’s book to your local librarians. Encourage them to buy the book. Let them know if the book is by a local author. Note: Libraries often order copies of books based on the inquiries they receive for the book. If the library refuses to order the book, buy a copy and donate it to the library.

4. Recommend your friend’s book to your local bookstores. Encourage them to buy the book. Let them know if the book is by a local author. Bookstores also stock books based on demand. The more people who ask about a book, the more likely it is that the bookstore will stock the book.

5. Encourage bookstores to feature an author’s appearance. Ask your local bookstores to invite the author to do a short talk and book signing at the store. Talk to the bookstore manager or community relations specialist. Also ask your library to do the same.

6. Look for specialty retailers. As you drive around your own hometown or a nearby larger Gun_Show_1city, keep on the lookout for specialty retailers that might be interested in selling your friend’s books. For instance, cookbooks in gourmet shops, do-it-yourself books in hardware stores, children’s books in toy stores, art or history books at museum shops. Make the contacts yourself or pass them on to your friend to follow up.

7. Look for other sales venues. If your friend’s book is about retirement, check out accountants, tax lawyers, etc. who might be interested in buying copies to give to their clients. Health books, children’s books, and cookbooks might interest doctor and dentist offices. Health clubs and gyms might be interested in exercise or diet books. Again, make the contacts yourself or pass them on to your friend to follow up.

8. Suggest catalogs, associations, and other special sales opportunities. If you receive mail order catalogs that feature books like your friend’s book, tell the author about the catalog. The same with associations, groups, corporations, etc. that might be interested in buying bulk copies of your friend’s book.

9. Be a mentor. Provide feedback on your friend’s marketing ideas, book proposals, news releases, book covers, etc. Share your experience, if you have any, on marketing, writing, publishing, printing, design, etc.

10. Write a testimonial. Or write an introduction to the book. Blurb it–give a great selling quote that can go on the back cover of the book. Encourage the author to put your testimonial up on his book’s sales page.

11. Social network for your friend. Tweet about your friend’s book. Retweet his tweets. Engage in a conversation with the author on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, or Twitter. Pin. Repin. Post. Share. Tweet. Retweet. Plus One. Like.

12. Write comments on your friend’s blog. Interaction and activity increase any person’s Subscription6visibility on the Internet and the search engines.

13. Champion your friend’s book. When you visit bookstores, make sure they have your friend’s book in stock. If they do, then put the book face out on the bookshelf. Carry the book around with you so others can see it.

14. Pray. Prayer always helps. Pray for your friend and his book.

Here are suggestions to help promote Return to Order. Yet more will be forthcoming. Please feel free to contact me if you need help with these suggestions or to report on your success. I can be reached directly at [email protected]. Once again, give special heed to the last suggestion—it is the most needed and appreciated.