A Holiday Gift of Thanks: Return to Order Kindle Giveaway

Our Christmas Gift: a Free Kindle copy of Return to Order

From Dec. 19 – 23, Return to Order will be available here on Amazon Kindle at no cost. This link can also be shared with friends and family:  http://www.amazon.com/Return-Order-Frenzied-Christian-Society-Where-ebook/dp/B00B5HED8W.

No Kindle? No problem. Use the free app on the right side of the Amazon Kindle page and download and electronic copy of Return to Order right on your computer.

Return to Order continues to drive discussions from Miami to Los Angeles to New York, as Horvat speaks to communities and leaders across America, inspiring listeners with his candid and motivating messages. In the book he draws from his rich Christian past and 20 years of research to explain the correlation between the economy, faith and moral values.  Horvat has given presentations in more than five dozen cities across the nation and in Europe and has participated in more than 200 media interviews. He is also a contributor to numerous national news outlets including American Thinker, The Blaze, and Spero News.

“What is missing is the human element that has been hollowed out of the economy,” said Horvat recently in an article on TheBlaze.com.

Return to Order has received dozens of endorsements from church, military and political leaders.

For more information about the book, to receive an electronic media kit or to schedule an interview with John Horvat, please call Linda F. Radke at 480-940-8182, or email [email protected].