Five Ways the Same-Sex “Marriage” Movement Has Failed

Can You Force People to Sin?
“despite the narrow 5-4 victory, the issue is far from settled.”

The Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex “marriage” took place with predictable media fanfare. There were endless scenes of jubilant promoters, doting commentators and kowtowing politicians. Everything was done to give the impression that the issue is finally settled.

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However, despite the narrow 5-4 victory, the issue is far from settled. People across the country are upset not only because of the actual decision itself but also because of the strong-armed manner in which it was carried out. As it now stands, the ruling leaves the country more divided than ever.

The ideal for the movement would have been if all America had been on board. In this sense, the same-sex “marriage” movement has failed in five important ways.

Liberals Do Not Value the Votes of Americans
It became evident that votes no longer matter to liberals in America. The movement unmasked itself by abandoning any pretense that acceptance was in any way democratic. Instead, the matter was put in the hands of all powerful courts to get the “right” decisions. Federal court rulings prepared the ground by trampling upon state constitutional amendments and nullifying the votes of tens of millions of Americans. After railroading same-sex “marriage” upon states that had successfully apposed it, the Supreme Court finished the job with its ruling.

Failed to Frame as Civil Rights Issue
The failure was particularly evident in the African-American community which largely opposed any efforts to equate the homosexual movement with the civil rights movement of the sixties. Moreover, the African-American community, especially its religious leaders, opposed same-sex “marriage” on a grand scale on moral grounds.

Forced From The Top
There was evident use of enormous pressure to force through the same-sex marriage agenda. Every stop was pulled out to belittle those who oppose same-sex marriage. Far from being a movement of the “people,” this was a top-down campaign that counted on the full weight of big government, big media and big business to push its agenda forward.

Alienated Supporters
The movement failed yet again by disenchanting countless Americans by its forced free subscriptionpoliticization of everything from chicken sandwiches to Facebook posts to pizza weddings. Everything had to have a homosexual angle attached to it and those who did not conform to politically correct norms could face harassment or boycotts. Pro-marriage advocates soon found that tolerance was a one way street.

However, such strong-arm tactics often resulted in spectacular failures as when Chick-fil-A’s pro-family position led to record sales in support. Other times however, florist shops and bakeries have been fined and shut down—something rarely seen on America’s shores.

Strengthening The Opposition
Perhaps the movement’s biggest failure was its inability to discourage its opposition by the overwhelming magnitude of its massive propaganda machine. Ironically, it has only strengthened the resolve of pro-family activists who now see they cannot depend on human solutions but need now confide only in God. Indeed, two weeks before the Supreme Court decision, for example, Americans nationwide gathered for 3,265 prayer rallies in the public square calling upon God’s aid in defense of traditional marriage.

The bottom line is that the pro-homosexual movement has managed to win an important battle with the Supreme Court decision, but it has failed to win the hearts and souls of all Americans. To the contrary, the brutal ram rodding of same-sex marriage upon the nation has only alienated many who feel completely disregarded by the political process and has put them in the hands of a powerful and almighty God. Like Roe v. Wade before it, Obergefell v. Hodges is an unsettling law.