Petition Aims to Keep Cross in Public Park


SPRING GROVE, Penn. (May 18, 2016) – God-loving Americans are signing on to a petition to keep the Cross in Memorial Cross Park, Santa Clara, California. Donated by the local Lions Club in 1953, the Cross stands in honor of the Catholic Missions in California, of which Santa Clara is the eighth, having been founded in 1777.

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The atheist group, Freedom from Religion Foundation, filed a lawsuit to remove the Cross from the city park, despite the Cross’ historical significance and against the will of the local residents.

America will not be the same country if we allow the Cross of Christ to be erased from the public eye. To erase the Cross from our society is to erase our very own identity—who we are.

The Return to Order campaign invites people to speak out in favor of keeping the Cross and our Christian identity in the public square.

To express your support to the city of Santa Clara in keeping the Cross in Memorial Cross Park, please visit the petition site

Robert Ritchie