‘Return to Order’…in Las Vegas?

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“The Liaison Committee for Pro-Life Activities of Las Vegas” meeting.

Return to Order is a book that criticizes the frenetic intemperance of modern life that throws off all restraint. If there is one place where this frenetic intemperance can be found, it is in the practice of gambling. Thus, some might think it strange that this book would find great success in Las Vegas, the center of gambling in America.

But Las Vegas is not all gambling. It is a city that has another side that strongly defends family and faith. Its vibrant pro-life movement has closed down many clinics in the city and works on other pro-life issues such as stopping physician-assisted suicide.

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In this context, the Liaison Committee for Pro-Life Activities of Las Vegas held its annual potluck dinner on August 26, and asked author John Horvat to be the keynote speaker. Mr. Horvat spoke on “The Coming Pro-Life Challenges: What It Will Take to Win.” The event was held at the parish hall of Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic Church.

The speaker outlined the three things it will take to win the pro-life battle. The first is the passion of countless families scattered across the nation who will defend the family in a culture of death. It will take those who challenge the culture, and in the process construct alternatives. Finally, it will take Catholics of great faith who believe in the power of miracles and prayer.

[like url=https://www.facebook.com/ReturnToOrder.org] Mr. Horvat especially highlighted the third point saying: “The pro-life cause has won many important legislative and political battles, but it has right from the beginning run on miracles. What I would ask you to do is keep believing in those miracles.”

The movement has scored impressive victories and won major battles. If it is to win the war, the speaker affirmed that it must engage the culture and resist the temptation to flee. Pro-lifers cannot abandon their strategic position in opposing the culture of death if they are to win.

After the dinner, many stayed to talk about a return to order and obtain the book. It was encouraging to see such activists involved in the fight and expanding into other fields such as that of physician-assisted suicide which will soon be debated at the state legislature.

There was also another event in the city presenting Return to Order, in which local friends gathered to talk about important issues facing the nation. The reception was excellent as the ideas of Return to Order are spreading far and wide—even in Las Vegas.

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