Repetition and the Way of the Cross

Repetition and the Way of the Cross
“The life of a Christian involves suffering…”

The life of a Christian involves suffering and the carrying of one’s cross daily. One way this is done is by the constant and often grueling repetition of tasks that are part of developing a trade or craft.

However, such repetition is not without its purpose. In fact, it aids in the  development of skills and the production of beautiful products or arts. Indeed, practice makes perfect.

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Richard Sennett reports that as skills expand, the capacity to sustain repetition also increases. He mentions the so-called Isaac Stern rule in music, in which the great violinist declared “the better your technique, the longer you can rehearse without becoming bored” (Richard Sennett, The Craftsman, Yale University Press, New Haven, 2008, p. 38).

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In those times of grueling repetition, there are those “Eureka” moments embedded in routine that lead to the reward of great cultural masterpieces and accomplishments. In short, the way of the cross in daily life leads to a rich and fabulous culture marked by great efforts and insights.

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