When He Said Hail Satan,We Said Hail Mary!

On August 2, the City Council of Grand Junction, Colorado, decided to allow a Satanist to conduct the invocation to start their meeting. Despite protests locally and from all over the country, the ominous cry of Hail Satan rang out over the room.

Fortunately, there were those who did not let this horrible event go by without offering reparation to God and His Blessed Mother for this offense. As the Satanist said Hail Satan, a group of fifty Catholics outside city hall were saying Hail Mary.


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The lightning reaction was promoted by the Return to Order and America Needs Fatima campaigns. The rally itself had been quickly organized by local activists from three parishes. Two priests also attended and even prayed a short exorcism in Latin before the meeting. The cry that the Satanist thought would go unopposed was met with the perfect response by faithful Catholics defending God’s honor.

There is nothing Satan hates more than the name of Mary who always defeats him. That is why it is important that Satanism be opposed wherever it presents itself. Those attending the rally felt blessed to have been witnesses to the Truth.

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“I am certain that we were not defeated by Satan and his minions,” wrote one rally participant. “We know Our Blessed Mother is hated by Satan and she definitely had her foot on his neck.”

The rally in Grand Junction is part of a growing reaction against Satanism in America. Efforts such as these signal a rejection of Satan and all his works. They frustrates the attempts by Satanists to gain acceptance in the public square.