Nightmare of Nudity Honored on National Mall

Nightmare of Nudity Honored on National Mall
Nightmare of Nudity Honored on National Mall

As statues of historic figures are being defaced and removed, it was only a matter of time before we could expect the same politically-correct tyranny to impose its own statues upon the public.

That time has come. While anticipated, no one could imagine something so indecent as what is being proposed for one of the most important public spaces in America. The new statue represents no American hero and has no historical significance. Like so many modern artistic representations, this statue is disconnected with anything local. It promotes no positive values.

It is blatantly obscene.

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A Shocking Figure Four Stories High

Who would have thought that we would see publicly displayed the naked figure of a woman that towers four-stories high? More shocking is its intended destination. Pending approval from the National Park Service, the colossal statue will be on the National Mall, for four months, facing the White House. With 25 million people visiting the Mall each year, few places can compare in public exposure.

Nightmare of Nudity Honored on National Mall

Ironically, should any Mall visitors present themselves like this sculpture they might well be arrested for violating the District’s public indecency law. The same people who claim Christians impose their morality upon others will force a massive display of immorality upon the passing public. They will further expose countless innocent children to indecency all in the name of “art” and “women’s equality.”

Not About Art or Women’s Equality

Activists linked to the porno-sculpture resist the claim that the figure is yet another exploitive depiction of a woman. Instead, they say the 45-foot-tall female nude will be an opportunity to “start a conversation about violence against women.”

The “artist,” Marco Cochrane contends that figure callously standing exposed allows viewers to imagine a world where women can be safe and live without fear. It is supposed to be humanizing and not sexualizing.

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Liberal media are repeating this mantra-like explanation in anticipation of its November 11 installation. It is as if the indecent sculpture is suddenly made decent by the sculptor’s cynical statement.

Mainstreaming Burning Man

Of course, no amount of words can change the indecency of the work. This move is not about art or social commentary. It is about a revolution of transforming America into a society where there is no notion of right or wrong; decent or indecent. Indeed, the massive porno-sculpture is even called “R-Evolution.” The work’s subversive nature is further exposed by the fact that it was created for the counter-cultural Burning Man festival in 2015.

Please urge the National Park Service to reject the proposal for the “R-Evolution” statue

Burning Man is an annual Woodstock-like event outside Reno, Nev., which gathers together a fringe-fest of liberal groups, individuals and causes. It is an event where everything goes—nudity, drugs and promiscuity. What began as a laid-back powwow of cultural misfits has now evolved into a sophisticated spiritual retreat with a veritable who’s who of Silicon Valley executives flying in on their private jets to attend the desert festival. The culmination of the event is the burning of a giant man figure as a symbolic gesture (or catharsis) of renewal and tension release.

Cochrane’s massive sculpture that was also featured at Burning Man will now be the centerpiece of the annual “Catharsis on the Mall” in November. The festival has been called Washington’s “Burning Man.” After the November installation, weekend, organizers will extend the statue’s stay by having volunteers keep watch over it around the clock for four months.

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Removing the Barriers of Shame and Modesty

The significance of this shameful installation cannot be underestimated. Burning Man is no longer in the remote desert but in the heart of the nation’s capital. It is exposing millions of visitors to an indecent spectacle that is unavoidable.

Such “art” exhibits have the purpose of removing yet one more barrier of shame and modesty that should protect society from moral decay. Moreover, the Catharsis on the Mall group is holding the Mall hostage by making it off limits to those who still strive to avoid the near occasion of mortal sin. Finally, the four-story porno-sculpture sullies the reputation of America by projecting an image of a shameless nation to visitors and tourists.

A Path to Moral Destruction

Despite the sculptor’s nonsensical pronouncements, everyone knows this work will not advance the cause of women. Wherever nudism has prevailed, it has always led to the degradation of women and the end of civilization. The Church teaches that displays like these represent the degeneration of human dignity. In a society, in which human life is so disregarded, measures should be taken to enhance human dignity not destroy it in the public square.

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It is also known that one grave sin leads to yet others. As can be seen in the Burning Man festival, the sin of nudism is linked to other degraded actions that have turned the event into a postmodern Woodstock in which everything is allowed.

We are reminded of ancient Rome, in which secret festivals called Bacchanalia were first held for three days of the year. Later these celebrations became public and were held as often as five times a month. These festivals were so notorious for their orgies that the Roman Senate mostly banned them in 186 BC.

Nightmare of Nudity Honored on National Mall

Today there is no Roman Senate to stop such outrages. Silent are the lawmakers who should safeguard the public good and the dignity of the public square. More ominous is the silence of those in the Church who are responsible for the care of souls. They say nothing in the face of this public scandal that cries out for condemnation—a forbidden word in today’s dictatorship of relativism.

Grassroots petitions have circulated, but we are sadly in times when Christians have no voice. Our times reflect a general state of sin and disorder in souls, which is a great offense against God. We are reminded of the message of Our Lady of Fatima who spoke of a great chastisement should mankind fail to stop offending God. She also spoke of sins of impurity that send many to a different burning man festival, one that burns for all eternity.