Preemptive Rally of Reparation for Satanic Display at Arkansas State Capitol

August 15th: Rally of Reparation

On the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a rare sight greeted passersby in front of Arkansas’ state capitol building. Almost 300 Catholics of all ages stood praying the Holy Rosary in reparation for a satanic event to be held the next day at the same location.

When the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and American Needs Fatima (ANF) members learned that the Satanic Temple planned to hold a rally and parade an 8½ foot tall bronze statue of Satan, it was clear that something had to be done to oppose this move to normalize Satanism in America. On short notice, Catholics came from surrounding states to rally against Satanism, responding to TFP’s invitation to a “preemptive strike” to oppose the Satanic Temple’s event on the following day.

Many participants held signs that read, “Keep Satan out of Arkansas!”, “We are a Christian Nation! No to Satanism!”

A Question of Religious Freedom?
A Call to Protest the Growing Threat of Satanism

When Lucifer shouted “I shall not serve,” Saint Michael was quick to counter with “Who is like unto God.”

“Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 10:32).

Near the southwest corner of Arkansas’ state capitol building stands a stone 10 Commandments monument, a tribute to the foundation of Western law and to the Christian roots of the United States.

Satanists seek to uproot this monument and to place a monument to Satan, the instigator of all lawlessness, he being the first to revolt against God. When The Satanic Temple announced they would hold a rally to urge for the removal of the 10 Commandments monument, the TFP could not sit idly by.

Faithful Catholics rallied on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15,  and the large-scale initiative of nearly 300 was made possible on extremely short notice due to the generous financial support and prayers we received from friends of Return to Order.

Armed with rosaries and holy water, surrounded with signs, banners and bagpipes, and with Our Lady of Fatima as their general, the crowd stood in peaceful protest and reparation against the horrifying event soon to take place. These Catholics prayed for pardon for the terrible display that would occur at the same spot. The contrast was striking: the beautiful statue of the Queen of Heaven, who rules maternally from Heaven, opposed to the demonic slave of Hell, Baphomet, beguiling a young boy and girl at his side.

Those assembled to offer reparation ranged in age from infant to elderly. Many were local, but others traveled from surrounding states, knowing that what affects one affects everyone, and that silence will only allow for the spread of more evil. Buses carrying over eighty people traveled seven hours from Topeka, Kansas. These generous souls came from several parishes in that state, and others were from America Needs Fatima’s calling center, volunteering for the upcoming Public Square Rosary campaign. There were visitors from Louisiana, Texas, locals from Arkansas and even one Australian in the crowd.

As soon as their signs came out, even before the rosary started, they received many honks of support. Overall, the response was very positive, excepting an isolated “Hail Satan” from a passing driver.

After the rally, Mr. Jose Walter Ferraz, along with a family from Arkansas, delivered the online petitions gathered in support for the Ten Commandments Monument against the Satanists, with over 25,000 signatures, to Governor Asa Hutchison.

The Return to Order campaign is deeply grateful for those who lent their generous financial support to such a large-scale, boots-on-the-ground operation. Especial thanks goes to donors of Saint Michael’s Sword, without whose generosity a last-minute event like this would be impossible!

May Our Lady bless abundantly all those whose prayers and support made this Rosary of Reparation possible.

August 16th: The Satanist’ Scandalous Statue

For the first time in American history, Satanists brazenly paraded their 8½-foot-tall, one-ton demon Baphomet statue in front of the Arkansas State Capitol. It comes as part of their effort to get their half-goat, half-man devil image placed right next to the 10 Commandments monument.

In the days leading up to August 16th, the Satanic Temple led a demonic procession — a type of sinister, multi-state caravan — with its idol of Satan in tow, trying to get Americans accustomed to the devil. Whether we realize it or not, that is what is at stake here: the Christian identity of the nation.

The scene at the Satanists rally was a stark contrast to the Rosary rally of the day before. Mostly clad in black and displaying satanic symbols, about 100 Satanists showed up, their average ages ranging 30 and 40 years old. As the flat-bed truck hauling the Baphomet statue arrived, raucous screaming and cries of “Hail Satan” ensued, while some repeatedly hissed reptilian sounds in greeting.

The media was out in full force to cover their event, having paid almost no attention to the more numerous rally of the day before.

A “Christian” minister spoke, beginning his speech by saying he never thought he would be thanking Satanists for holding this event. He said he liked the fact that the Ten Commandments monument was displayed at the capitol.

However, he stated that if the Ten Commandments are allowed, then monuments of all ‘religions’ should be allowed. At one point, one of the Satanists shouted “Hail Satan!” to which he replied, “Sure!” He also claimed there was no such thing as a Christian persecution. Another speech was given by the head of a satanic “church” in California, a transgender, who stated that there is a profound compatibility between Satanism and LGBT people.

While the Satanic event was taking place, the Ten Commandments monument was fenced in with a tall screen, seemingly for maintenance or to prevent vandalism or profanation. It was symbolic of what the followers of Satan want for this country: a complete rejection of God and His Commandments.

Satanism is not a religion. Satanists worship no god, only hating God and His glorious creation.

Like Saint Michael the Archangel, let us oppose Satan everywhere and rally to the angelic cry: “Who is like unto God!”