How to Find and Prosper in the Ultimate “Safe Space”

How to Find and Prosper in the Ultimate "Safe Space”
How to Find and Prosper in the Ultimate “Safe Space”

The book, Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to An Organic Christian Community – Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here and Where We Need to Go, does not provide a detailed blueprint for a return to the world of God’s order.  Many may be frustrated by this lack of detail. However, author John Horvat points out that the nature of organic solutions is to present “a sketch, an outline, or a draft of which a final and exact rendering is not possible due to the nature of man and society.”

Human relationships are complex and not mechanical. This is especially true in a decadent society like our own. Thus, society may seem so corrupt that any return to order appears impossible. Beware, for this a Satanic trap designed to persuade you to give up.

Free Book Return to OrderFree Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go


A Personal Return to Order

The reason that there is no rigid plan is that a return to order involves all elements of society, the individual, family, community and Church. Fixing these elements by force is the crucial mistake of the socialists. They see all people as fundamentally the same and think that some higher authority can decree order and equality into existence.

Society is in order when families are in order. Families are in order when its members fulfill their proper roles concerning others. Therefore, individuals need to create the appropriate order within themselves.

This task is not easy. Many people’s lives resemble the act of a juggler, throwing balls into the air, trying to keep them aloft. Each person has many responsibilities – to a spouse, children, employers, the parish church, the community and oneself. Many people feel so overwhelmed by their responsibilities that they have no time to eat properly, sleep well, read meaningfully or pray. Each person needs to find a place for at least a moment of quiet and repose.

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Finding a “Safe Space”

Much has been made of late about universities setting up “safe spaces.”

Modern university students, who are presumably adults, cannot deal with opinions that vary from their own. Untrained to view their own opinions critically, they cannot differentiate fact from opinion. Facts that contradict their opinions constitute “acts of violence.”

That is why these student victims of such fact-based “abuse” retreat to what they call safe spaces where they can preen their psyches until they can once again face the world. Ever accommodating, colleges and universities are happy to comply. These spaces are supplied with pillows, coloring books, and stuffed animals to speed the healing process.

Ridiculing the universities and the students is easy. However, there is some truth to a need for an emotional retreat. In a world bombarded by messages, there is a genuine need for all of us to find a safe space.

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The Healing Presence of the Blessed Sacrament

In our days, the safest of all possible safe spaces is the Sacramental Presence of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Everyone, even the bravest among us, has times when life’s challenges are overwhelming. Paradoxically, we tend to forget prayer precisely at those times of greatest need. Busy-ness is a tool that Satan often uses to separate us from God and one to which modern people are highly susceptible.

In these moments of need, we must urgently go to that safe space occupied by the physical presence of the King of Kings.

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While occasional visits are efficacious, we need to visit regularly. A daily visit is optimal, and it need not be extended. If there is an adoration chapel nearby, try to fit it into your daily schedule. If that is not possible, pass by your parish and enter the church through a door that is generally open during the day. If the church is closed, ask the priest or the parish secretary when it is open. If your parish is not open at a convenient time, stop by other parishes on the way to work during regular office hours to secure the information you need.

Setting Up an Individual Safe Space

If you are unable to fit a visit to a parish or adoration chapel into your daily schedule, it is remarkably easy to create a place of adoration of your own. Many photographs or other images of the Blessed Sacrament are available online. Pick one that most appeals to you. Print and frame it appropriately. Then, place it where you will see it daily. Train yourself to spend a few moments in front of it. During that time, thank Our Lord for His Presence in all of the tabernacles of the world. Affirm your belief that His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity are present within those tabernacles. Pray for those who do not believe in Our Lord and those who do not acknowledge His Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, including a petition that they may come to find Him in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Many will admit that there is no time in their day to do this. As stated above, the visit need not be extended. Two to five minutes is an excellent way to begin. The image could be put in any place that makes up your normal routine such as the house, office or other location. The adoration can be at any interval during the day before or after work or lunch break.

Our Lord will undoubtedly respect and bless your desire to spend time with Him. Later, you might include reading a few verses of the Bible, saying some decades of the Holy Rosary, to expand your prayers to the needs and desires of your family.

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Contributing to a Return to Order

In this way, you can contribute to a return to order in society. There will be no order in society until there is order in families. There will be no order in the family until there is order in the lives of its members. Daily prayer and reflection on Our Lord’s Presence in the Blessed Sacrament is an excellent way to begin a return to order in your own life. Finding a “safe space” for this process – either in an adoration chapel, a parish church, your home or your place of work is essential to creating the time for that reflection.

“Seek ye the Lord, while He may be found: Call upon Him, while he is near.” (Isaias 55:6)