Announcing New ‘Return to Order Moment’ Podcast

Announcing New 'Return to Order Moment' Podcast
Announcing New ‘Return to Order Moment’ Podcast

Podcast Hosted by Matthew Miller and Edwin Benson Now Available

Spring Grove, Pennsylvania—Author John Horvat is launching a podcast called “The Return to Order Moment.” The inspiration for the effort comes from his award-winning book, Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go.

Mr. Horvat hopes the podcast will serve as a platform toward spreading the book’s guiding principles. The episodes will include articles, book reviews and stories that develop Return to Order themes.

“I am very excited by the new venture,” the author commented. “It will definitely extend our reach to another public that needs to hear this message.”

The two hosts of the show will be Matthew Miller and Edwin Benson. They share an enthusiasm for audio media and will maintain the weekly program. Three inaugural episodes can now be downloaded. The first is a popular Return to Order article titled “What Does Saint Thomas Think about Immigration?” Another episode is a review titled, “When Coddled Minds produce Shattered Lives,” by Keith Douet. The last episode deals with the very timely subject of “The Danger of Not Taking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes Seriously.”

Upcoming episodes will feature a wide range of topics such as Satanism, socialism, education, culture and modern fashion.

Mr. Miller shared his hopes for the podcast. “The amazing articles on the Return to Order website offer unique perspectives on all of the hot-button issues in society today from a Catholic perspective. Their Catholic principles are always relevant, fresh and logical.”

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The other host is Edwin Benson. According to Mr. Benson, “Sometimes people treat Church traditions as if they belong in a museum. Return to Order applies those traditional principles to current situations.”

Benson and Miller are an unusual team. Mr. Miller is part of TFP Student Action, which takes traditional principles onto often-hostile college campuses through protests and the distribution of literature. Mr. Benson is a retired high school teacher who is skilled at expressing difficult ideas in simple words.

The book, Return to Order, has spread far and wide. Today there are over 325,000 copies in circulation in hardbound, softcover, ebook and audiobook editions. More information can be found at the Return to Order website (

Followers of the podcast can contact Mr. Horvat via email at [email protected] with feedback and ideas.

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