What Was a Viking Shaman Doing Representing Conservative Values?

What Was a Viking Shaman Doing Representing Conservative Values?
What Was a Viking Shaman Doing Representing Conservative Values?

During the violent incident at the Capitol on January 6, the media published photos of a tattooed man wearing a fur cap and Viking horns among the protesters. This strange Viking who calls himself “Q Shaman,” suddenly became the poster boy for the pro-Trump protesters. The media have used him as a bizarre example of all right-wing radicals.

Nobody seems to have asked what this Viking Shaman has to do with anything conservative.  This zany figure’s appearance only added to the chaos that engulfed America on that day. However, for those who hold authentic traditional values, the shaman’s appearance should be a matter of concern.

Q Shaman: An Ordained Shamanic Practitioner

Such an unconventional character could not help but become known. He has gained a bit of a reputation as “Q Shaman” since he often appears at rallies and protests. With his Viking horns, he is hard to miss. His real name is Jacob Angeli Chansley, 33, and he is an Arizona native.

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Although Q Shaman is a QAnon conspiracy theory follower, he is, above all, an “ordained shamanic practitioner.” At an early age, he rejected his Catholic faith and eventually embraced pagan alternatives. As a “practitioner,” he sells books and courses. He also maintains his recently-censored YouTube channel.

During the Capitol episode, he appeared at the Senate dais as a Viking holding a spear with an American flag crying out: “Where’s Pence?” He obliged the press by posing for photos.

The Dark Side of Shamanism

The big problem with Q Shaman is his dark practice. Wherever primitive societies appear, shamanism is not far behind. It is a form of savage magic or science, in which the shaman seeks to control the spirits and demons allegedly found everywhere in nature.

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The shaman uses his powers to render the spirits’ activities ineffective or favorable by appropriate words and ceremonies. The shaman does this by communicating with spirits at will, often through induced ecstasy or even possession by a spirit that imparts to him intense mental states, superhuman strength or infused knowledge.

Indeed, in an interview with National Review, Q Shaman confirmed his role and his primitive dress as a way “to chase off evil spirits, chase off evil sorcerers and evil witches.”

Occultism on the Rise

Over the past couple of years, witches and Satanists became alarmingly involved in supporting both the civil unrest and political campaigns. A wealth of literature teaches aspiring witches how to cast spells and hexes upon conservative candidates or police officers. Books are appearing that teach people how to mix politics and the demonic. In a largely secular society, the occult is now emerging as a political force.

More often than not, occultists have appeared at leftist events. The left’s political philosophy and revolt against the Christian West make it logical that Satanists would embrace their radical agenda.

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However, Q Shaman represents primitive occultism on the right. He is found in a dark corner of neo-pagan thought, entering the mainstream and includes conservative sectors. It is hard to know how seriously Q Shaman practices his savage science. However, his bizarre appearance as a representative and symbol of traditional values is completely wrong.

 Nothing Conservative, Western or Traditional

As a shaman, he represents nothing conservative, Western, Christian or traditional in his beliefs or practices. The Viking shaman seeks a return to barbarism, which brought the world slavery, nudity, infanticide, euthanasia, cannibalism, tyranny and poverty. It was the Church that freed the world of the shaman’s savage practices and suffocating superstition.

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Indeed, Q Shaman more easily represents the left with its fascination for indigenous pagan cultures and its rejection of Christian morals. His positions fit well with postmodern philosophies that emphasize fantasy and the creation of one’s own reality. If he is to be a symbol, let the left claim him; he does not belong on the right.

Photo Credit: Win McNamee / Getty Images News