Will the UN Human Rights Office Blacklist ‘LGBTQ+ Hate Groups?’

Will the UN Human Rights Office Blacklist ‘LGBTQ+ Hate Groups?’
Will the UN Human Rights Office Blacklist ‘LGBTQ+ Hate Groups?’

Anyone who doubts the existence of an LGBTQ+ agenda need look no farther than the United Nations Human Rights office. Its plan is not hidden but open. There is no cast of conspirators as the characters involved state their objectives clearly and forcefully.

The Human Rights office goes beyond merely favoring the LGBTQ+ cause. Its officials radically oppose all those who uphold the traditional family and its religious underpinnings. It is now mobilizing sympathizers to gather information on the moral opposition.

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The conservative United Nations’ watchdog group C-Fam reports that the Human Rights office is calling for input mostly from LGBT groups and activists to report on politicians, religious leaders and organizations that oppose their “rights.” C-Fam fears the names may well be put on a blacklist by the UN office and make them subject to sanctions and intimidation.

What causes concern is the thorough nature of the January call to action. The appeal for information asks for a complete account of any resistance to the LGBTQ+ agenda. It requests detailed information on “the main actors who argue that the defenders of human rights of LGBT individuals are furthering a so-called ‘gender ideology’?” The document further asks for examples of “public expressions or statements by political and/or religious leaders” who challenge LGBT “rights.”

The UN ideologues are also interested in the main arguments used against activists and their effectiveness. There is an appeal for details about the “narratives” that are “used to fuel violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and their particular impact on sexual and reproductive rights.”

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The UN Human Rights office has no tolerance for the defenders of life and the traditional family. It disputes the notion of “gender ideology” as a mere conspiracy theory. There is no desire to “dialogue” with those who disagree with the LGBTQ+ agenda. The UN officials have subscribed so completely to the agenda that no opinions to the contrary are allowed. Moreover, they have extended the agenda to include procured abortion, immorality and all other measures that oppose a Christian notion of the family.

The aggressive campaign especially targets religion. It sees the protection of religious beliefs and consciences as mere subterfuges used by Christians to limit the sexual and reproductive “rights” of LGBTQ+ persons.  Activists are asked to report on how these protections have been used against them.

The gathered information will be part of a coming report about the protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It will be presented at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The UN Human Rights office and similar groups have a distorted view of those who shun immoral acts for violating God’s law. Such faith-based and principled opposition is not personal and does not direct hatred toward any individual. Nevertheless, some organizations, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, have created lists of “hate groups” simply because these groups peacefully and legally oppose the LGBTQ+ agenda.

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However, Christian opposition to sodomy is based on a doctrinal position that holds that the natural moral law—valid for all peoples, in all places and eras—must be upheld if society is to be good and prosper. Sodomy, procured abortion, and other intrinsically evil behavior are gravely sinful and harm society. However, Christian opposition to these sins is never violent or illegal. The left does not prove the violence of those who defend Christian morality. Instead, it gratuitously repeats its assertion that all resistance is violent.

This UN call to action is proof that the left is radicalizing globally. It mirrors the efforts of leftist governments, organizations and political parties around the world that have created a new class struggle between those who uphold Christian morality and those who want it destroyed. There is no need to look for anti-Christian conspiracies. An open agenda exists at the service of globalist ideologues that targets the Catholic faith and the remnants of Christian civilization.