The Cuomo Scandal Exposes a World Without Morals, Shame or God

The Cuomo Scandal Exposes a World Without Morals, Shame or God
The Cuomo Scandal Exposes a World Without Morals, Shame or God

In a world with no moral compass, people do things that bring them down. All it takes are allegations of impropriety or a politically incorrect trait, and public trust in a person evaporates. The masses that rapidly swell the ranks of a person’s supporters just as easily abandon ship when the winds shift direction. Such seems to be the case of New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo.

He is under fire for many allegations. He is accused of falsifying COVID death statistics to cover up for his disastrous order forcing acceptance of COVID-infected patients among the highly vulnerable nursing homes. At the same time, five women have come forth with sexual harassment allegations.

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The case of this celebrity governor is confusing the liberal ranks where he reigned supreme. Suddenly he must be judged for his actions. When there is no moral compass, nothing can be condemned in the black-and-white terms of good and evil, true or false.

Instead, everything must fit into liberal narratives. Thus, many liberals are tweaking their narratives. Some call for Cuomo’s immediate resignation, while others are looking for ways to salvage his career.

The scandal of the errant governor does more than reveal past iniquities. The case is reduced to spinning the facts to reach a determined outcome. It uncovers the rottenness of a society without morals, shame or God. The scandal signals where America went wrong and lost her way.

A World Without Morals

America went wrong when denying the morality of acts. Despite the seriousness of the COVID nursing home scandal, the main focus of the attack on the governor is the sexual harassment charges. These allegations are the consequences of a social order where sexual promiscuity is accepted in all forms. The only crime is a lack of consent. The passionate nature of these acts usually leads to immoral scandals when consent is questioned. That is why a normal world requires moral restraints and guidelines to safeguard the purity and honorable reputation of all.

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However, there is no right or wrong in the Cuomo world without morals. There are merely victims. The dynamics of the fight is for one to out-victim the other. The governor enters at a disadvantage because his aggressive sexual antics fit into the liberal narrative of the powerful versus the weak. In this case, he must maneuver to prove a lack of intent to victimize another. Thus, he apologizes not for the offense but for unintentionally making another “uncomfortable.” He might even make himself the victim claiming the charges come from outside interests or conservatives with an agenda.

His liberal defenders tend to minimize the seriousness of the charges, arguing that everyone engages in aggressive sexual behavior (which is so often true). Such advocates decry the “virtue exhaustion” of those who hold Democrats to impossible standards. They regret forcing the resignation of Sen. Al Franken over #MeToo allegations and fear the “Frankening” of another one of their own in Gov. Cuomo.

Indeed, inside this world without a moral compass, all are vulnerable. If everyone’s behavior in this surreal space were scrutinized under just minimum standards of decency, who would survive the damning verdict?

A World Without Shame

America went wrong when it stopped attaching a sense of shame to bad acts. A society without moral standards leads to this conclusion. Shame is a defense mechanism in all people that protects them against all that is low, unbecoming and sinful. It is the reaction of human nature against the attacks of the baser instincts.

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The ordered soul naturally rises and clamors against the disgraceful appetites. When people fail to live up to high standards due to their ignoble deeds or words, they normally sense shame. When they betray faith or family, it awakens sentiments of shame and triggers the conscience to make amends.

However, the mechanisms of shame are dulled and disabled when there is no moral compass. Deep inside, such contorted souls sense frustration and depression. Outwardly, however, when in public, they deceive themselves into thinking that their shameful acts have no consequences.

Inside the Cuomo world, there is no right or wrong to trigger shame. There is again only victimhood by which people blame everyone but themselves for their actions. Any shame they feel arises not from recognizing the vileness of their acts but from the inopportunity of being caught and exposed to the public. They suffer the embarrassment of being betrayed by those who live similar lives.

On this cynical stage, the actors live out their base passions, caring little for the immense damage to the common good.

A World Where God is Absent

Finally, America went wrong when it abandoned God. When there is no moral compass, God is absent. It can be no other way. Scandal-givers see themselves as free from all restraints—including those that God attached to human nature. They end up denying God’s authority to rule and govern the universe he created.

When their faults lead to misfortune, these figures revert again to victimhood and cast themselves as “victims” of God’s loving call to repentance.

In the Cuomo world, where God is absent, everyone is self-sufficient. There is no need to have recourse to an all-powerful God.

Indeed, this attitude is best reflected in Gov. Cuomo’s statement about his COVID efforts when he said: “The number is down because we brought the number down. God did not do that. Faith did not do that. Destiny did not do that. A lot of pain and suffering did that. . . . That’s how it works.”

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However, when the tides of fortune turn, the governor does not claim responsibility for his shameful acts. He refuses to be humbled and reduced to his true dimension as a contingent being.

While the current focus is on sexual allegations, the COVID nursing home scandal reveals the same moral defects. Those who still support the governor demonstrate the moral bankruptcy that dominates much of the culture. It exposes the sad and divisive state of a society that chose to live without morals, shame and God.

Image Credit: Delta News Hub CC BY 2.0 (edited)